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The Run Like A Girl Adventure Retreat has haunted my Facebook Page for years and so this January we finally decided to invest in what would become a trip of a lifetime!

I was so curious to know, how would my experience differ from what was advertised on Facebook. Would it really be everything I dreamed of as I lived vicariously through the pictures in my news-feed?

Well I wanted to report on what the behind the scenes is like at Chakra Camp and share my experience on what it is really like to experience Run Like a Girls Adventure Retreat!

Day One

getting on the bus for the Run Like a Girl Adventure and Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

At 6:00 am we met in the lobby of the Best Western Irazu. That nervous feeling filled my tummy as we loaded up our bags and shook hands with the other 10 ladies who would be joining us on our adventure. We quickly posed for what would become our “before” photo and then we were off into the mountains for the start of our Adventure Retreat.

buildings in San Jose, Costa Rica

Winding through the streets of San Jose was like stepping into another world. It was interesting to see the myriad of intersections that seemingly flowed into one another, as the driver seemed to know exactly where he was going, even though directional signage was few and far between.

As we gazed out the window and took in the town around us, it quickly became apparent that we were truly in a developing country. Most homes were rustic (to say the least) and all of them boasted bars on the windows and doors, and then had an extra set of security gates surrounding the property.

As we transitioned from the city into the mountains, the green hills and endless views of trees swallowed our bus. We headed up a very windy road into the mountains, that brought on some scary moments as two large buses or trucks would meet, in what would feel like a head on hand shake!

After a quick stop for lunch and a 4-hour drive, we arrived in San Jeronimo. It was time to hop off the bus and head off for our coffee tour.

picking coffee beans at the Run Like a Girl Adventure and Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

Even though I’m not a coffee drinker (I know, shocking), I really enjoyed learning about coffee. I developed an appreciation for it as we learned that coffee pickers get paid $2.00 per basket of beans. Most will pick about 4 baskets a day making a total of $8.00 take-home per day.

Needless to say big companies are making a LOT of money off those beans!

traditional costa rican lunch

After our tour we were treated to a traditional Costa Rican lunch which included: squash, salad, rice, vegetables and pasta. It was a perfect time to refuel as we would need the energy for our next hike!

hiking up to the Run Like a Girl Adventure and Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

You see, the hike up to Chakra is no easy feat. It’s a 5 kilometer hike with an elevation of 900 meters. Let’s be honest, it’s REALLY REALLY steep and challenging. This picture is of my beautiful Mom as she hiked her butt off to get to the top of camp.

Reaching Chakra was a really cool experience. It was pouring rain and we were the last ones to arrive. We were greeted by cheers and whistles from our fellow campers. We had arrived. Chakra could now begin!

That night we soaked in the hot showers and enjoyed an amazing restorative yoga class and hot traditional Costa Rican meal. After setting up our beds, it was time to snuggle in and fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle. What an epic way to start the first day!

Make sure you check out Day 2 of my adventures at the Run Like A Girl Adventure and Wellness Retreat!

Did you read about my Costa Rica Countdown and my longing to go on this adventure and what I felt was holding me back?

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