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10 Ways to Save Money and Have an Eco-Friendly Back to School Season

It starts in the last week of July… stores start putting out “back to school” signs and line their isles with backpacks, spiderman lunch boxes and locker organizers. The seasonality even extends into “student must haves” like new bedding, desk decor, and the latest gadgets.  Radio ads interrupt the music with comedy skits about excited [...]

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Why a SOULbbatical is What You Need This Summer

“You look so peaceful,” she said… after I showed her this photo of me in the forest. She followed up with “I haven’t seen you that happy in a long time.” dropping a quiet reality bomb on me. There’s nothing like the world coming to a stop to force us to evaluate everything. From [...]

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So Much Time Photo Challenge

We are living through history, one “unprecedented” day at a time. From no school to sports, to parents working from home and virtual teachers, the only thing normal about our new norm, is that everyday bring new challenges and new opportunities. While stressful and filled with dread, our lives are equally filled with magical [...]

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Time. “So Much Time”

10 years from now I’ll be standing at my front door, watching them roll down the driveway, heading off on an adventure of their own. University? Trade school? Perhaps a backpacking trip? I’ll wave with anticipation, tears strolling as I send them off with every well wish that a mother could have. I’ll turn back [...]

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Say Yes to New Adventures When It Is Much Easier to Say No

The e-mail showed up at the very end of May. Our family had an opportunity, three weeks later, to go to Tofino for two days and try surfing. It was the kind of all-expenses-paid-everything-planned-out-for-you invitation we could not refuse—but we almost did. Why? Well June is a busy month to take the kids out [...]

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Love Letter to my Family: Dear Team Savage,

Love Letter to my Family .... Dear Team Savage, 2019 was quite a year. Banff. Nunavut. Tofino. Sault St Marie. A month in Australia. England. Wales. Kansas. Let’s just take a moment to soak in what that meant for us, for me: an adventure filled life, living a dream bigger than we ever could [...]

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How to Create your own Christmas Family Traditions

Create and Protect your own Family Traditions Family traditions are an important part of our culture and it’s in those traditions that we often share many special memories, and Christmas is one of those times. However, if your family has traditions, such as obligations that stress you out or that you don’t truly enjoy, [...]

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Truth Bomb Thursday: How Do I Pay for Travel?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While my Instagram feed may be filled with beautiful images of iconic destinations, one may think that I’m a full-time Travel Writer living the life of luxury. However, while I do travel about 16 weeks a year, I also work full time, PLUS, I'm often juggling many balls in the air trying to balance it [...]

The Peanuts Vs. Measles Debate

Canada has a case of the measles. If you’ve turned on the TV, opened a newspaper, or scanned through the radio at any point over the last few months, chances are you were hit with measles talk. “Measles Hysteria” some have called it. Report after report of schools asking kids to stay home, talk about [...]

Why I Won’t Give Up Everything to Travel – Evaluating The Nomadic Family Lifestyle

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I recently posted the question, “Would you save up, take a year off and give up everything to travel the world with your kids?” And the outstanding response was “yes!” When posed with the exact same question myself, I know that my own answer has changed over time, but if I was given the opportunity [...]

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