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Truth Bomb Thursday: How Do I Pay for Travel?

[vc_row]While my Instagram feed may be filled with beautiful images of iconic destinations, one may think that I’m a full-time Travel Writer living the life of luxury. However, while I do travel about 16 weeks a year, I also work full time, PLUS, I'm often juggling many balls in the air trying to balance it [...]

The Peanuts Vs. Measles Debate

Canada has a case of the measles. If you’ve turned on the TV, opened a newspaper, or scanned through the radio at any point over the last few months, chances are you were hit with measles talk. “Measles Hysteria” some have called it. Report after report of schools asking kids to stay home, talk about [...]

Why I Won’t Give Up Everything to Travel

[vc_row]I recently posted the question, “Would you save up, take a year off and give up everything to travel the world with your kids?” And the outstanding response was “yes!” When posed with the exact same question myself, I know that my own answer has changed over time, but if I was given the opportunity [...]

Top 10 Women that Inspired Me in 2018!

[vc_row]“You need to associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better. Don’t waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important.” ~Joel Osteen 2018 was a year where I was surrounded and inspired by truly incredible [...]

My Unbelievable Trip to the North Pole

[vc_row]Though my life has been blessed with many great adventures, today I took what is most certainly the most incredible one yet: a plane ride to the North Pole! That’s right, yours truly spent the day enjoying all the amazing things the North Pole has to offer, including elves, princesses, cookies, toys, and yes – [...]

Facing “Mom Guilt” head on… 6 things I learned from NOT being there for my kids.

“You’re going away again,” my friend said, “You’ve been gone so much your kids probably don’t even recognize you.” Gulp. While I know my friend was 100% joking, the Mom guilt started to settle in. Again. The reality is that I’ve been gone a LOT in 2018. 6 weeks away from my kids to be [...]

What Happens When Women and Whistler Collide

[vc_row]It was a warm fall September day and we were sitting around the kitchen table dreaming of a girlfriends getaway in Whistler. The logistics of getting 7 women together isn’t easy so we set forth a date and let everyone know to put it in their calendar as a “non negotiable” must attend weekend. The [...]

I Should Probably Write that Blog For You…

I should probably write that blog for you… I should probably write that blog for you even though it’s a sunny day. A blog that is well researched and inspirational, in every single way. I should probably write that blog for you, full of tips and tricks. Like the best place for a family camp, [...]

The Most Motivational Mom I Almost Never Met

[vc_row]I’ll never forget walking over to the beautiful brunette with the long wavy beach hair. This snow bunny was decked out head to toe with new gear and had the most welcoming smile as she introduced herself. I remember thinking, “She’s way too cool for me” but I’ll say hi anyways. I remember thinking that [...]

I’m Not As Brave As You Think I Am…

[vc_row]Sure, I write a blog that's called "Adventure Awaits" and you'll regularly see me doing things that are more adventurous than your average momma bear, however it's time I let you in on a few secrets...I, Jami Savage, am not as brave as you think I am! The Pictures Look Intimidating I can’t tell you [...]