The 7 Must-See Features of the FlyOver Iceland Vancouver Experience

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FlyOver Canada’s “Legendary Iceland” is back for it’s 4th year, welcoming visitors to experience this 4D immersive experience starting February 17th. This attraction teaches visitors about Icelandic culture and history, while also offering an immersive experience of flying over glaciers and volcanoes.

This exciting opportunity offers visitors an interactive program that educates them about Icelandic culture while providing them with an amazing view of the country’s natural wonders. The team at FlyOver Canada has created this attraction with both education and entertainment in mind; ensuring a full Icelandic experience from your pre-show to show visit.

7 Must See Features of the FlyOver Iceland Vancouver Show:

FlyOver Iceland Vancouver

1.   Legendary Iceland – Preshow at FlyOver Iceland Vancouver

Before you board your flight, you’ll learn about Iceland’s rich history through a 360 degree multimedia presentations that illustrate how nature, time and humankind have shaped this remarkable place. Set your eyes on active volcanos, glaciers, and keep a look out for Vikings and trolls!

2.   Take Flight – Buckle Up & Board Your Flight

Once guests have finished learning about Iceland, they will be taken on an epic flight over some of the country’s most stunning landscapes. This is sure to be a highlight for all who visit!

3.   Industry Leading Soaring Sights

As you take off for your flight you’ll experience the innovation and magic that was created by FlyOver. FlyOver films have received international recognition for their innovative use of cutting-edge technology. With the help of renowned creative director Rick Rothschild and aerial cinematography expert Dave Mossop, locations like Iceland are brought to life in breathtakingly beautiful animations that take viewers all over the

Glacier Iceland - FlyOver Iceland Vancouver
Glacier Iceland

4.   Sights and Sounds Collide for the Ultimate Immersive Experience

When paired with soaring, atmospheric scores composed by members of the legendary band Sigur Rós from Iceland – this project’s musical soul force takes your adventure to new heights.

5.   Perception vs Reality at FlyOver Iceland

With world-class cinematography combined with the atmospheric scores from Iceland, and your feet literally hanging off the edge of your seat, your mind and body will be so immersed in the experience that you’ll forget that you’re at a show instead of actually flying over the beautiful country. You’ll hear the “oohs!” and the “eeks!” as you speed up and take turns throughout the show. Buckle up, as you’re in for a fun and entertaining ride!

6.   Treats & Eats with Fire and Ice Cocktails and Lava Cake Indulgences

The Icelandic experience continues at the Flying Whale Waterfront Cafe where they have swapped out their traditional menu and opted to include some fun treats for the whole family. How about a lava cake? Or a Fire and Ice cocktail? Grab your treats and then cozy up next to the window where you can soak in the incredible views over Stanley Park.

7.   Icelandic Decor – Be Surrounded By The Spirit of Iceland

From the time you enter the pre-show lineup, to walking down the hall to board your flight, to the after shopping and dining experience, guests will love the decor as well as the opportunity to purchase special souvenirs at the FlyOver Iceland experience.

FlyOver Iceland Vancouver FAQ:

FlyOver Iceland Vancouver

1. What is FlyOver Iceland Vancouver and what can you expect from the experience?

FlyOver Iceland Vancouver is a new attraction that will begin running at FlyOver Canada during the winter season. This attraction teaches visitors about Icelandic culture and history, while also offering an immersive experience of flying over glaciers and volcanoes.

2. How does this attraction compare to other attractions at FlyOver Canada?

The FlyOver Iceland Experience is an additional opportunity for locals and guests to experience the FlyOver Canada experience but showcasing a different country. The main difference that guests can expect to see is the pre-show and the themed decor, souvenirs, and special treats in the post show experience. When you go to see the special features you can also get a ticket to see the FlyOver Canada show. Typically the “FlyOver Canada” feature will be on the hour every hour and then the “Special Feature” will be on the 15 or 45. The Canada show is separate though and guests have to buy tickets for that one as well. But you can buy tickets for both features and if you see the “seasonal feature” first, you can stay seated and wait for the second show.

3. What Month is FlyOver Iceland coming to Vancouver?

FlyOver Iceland feature show will be running at Canada Place from February 17th to April 18, person standing at flyover canada ticket desk

4. How much does FlyOver Iceland Cost?

Prices for FlyOver Canada vary depending on if you choose a single show, the combination package and how old you are. The quickest way to plan your FlyOver Iceland Adventure is to click here.

5. How long is the FlyOver Canada experience?

Allow yourself at least 30 -45 minutes for your FlyOver Iceland Experience. This will include your time to grab your tickets, take some fun photos, enjoy the pre show, flight, and post show experience. While the actual flight is about 15 minutes there’s so many other things to check out so be sure to give yourself enough time to enjoy it all.

6. Where can I purchase tickets for FlyOver Iceland Vancouver?

The quickest way to plan your FlyOver Iceland Adventure is to click here.

front entrance sign at flyover canada vancouver

7. Who owns FlyOver Canada?

Pursuit is an attraction and hospitality company that provides a collection of inspiring and unforgettable experiences in iconic destinations. With a strategic direction to build an expanding portfolio of extraordinary travel experiences, Pursuit remains focused on delivering unforgettable and inspiring experiences in iconic locations worldwide. From world-class attractions, distinctive lodges and engaging tours in stunning national parks and renowned global travel locations, to our growing collection of FlyOver flight ride experiences in the vibrant cities of Vancouver, Reykjavik, Las Vegas, and Toronto (expected opening 2024), Pursuit’s elevated hospitality experiences enable visitors to discover and connect with these iconic destinations.

Sponsorship Disclosure: Yes, this is a sponsored post. However, my views and thoughts about the FlyOver Canada experience are my own.

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