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Are you looking for a Vallea Lumina review? 

As someone who regularly visits Whistler and has been to Vallea Lumina 6 times and in 3 different seasons, I have put together this comprehensive Vallea Lumina review sharing our experience. My goal is to share all of the behind-the-scenes on what to expect, all while still leaving stories untold and ready for you to discover on your own. After all, an enchanted forest is filled with all sorts of magic! 

From where to park, to how to book tickets, to what to wear, and of course, all about the show, this blog will give you our heartfelt review and I’m not going to lie, hopefully, inspire you to go. After all, this is my most sought-after adventure while visiting Whistler and one that I take my family and friends to, every time we visit! 

So if you like the outdoors, creativity, and childlike imagination, keep reading and start planning your trip to Vallea Lumina (and when you’re done come back and post your Vallea Lumina reviews in the comments to share your feedback on the Whistler adventure!).

Vallea Lumina Review – 2024 Adventure Guide

What is Vallea Lumina?

a group of people stand in the forest watching a light multimedia show projected in the trees, a Vallea Lumina review

Vallea Lumina is an award-winning multimedia evening light walk experience in Whistler where guests are welcome to follow a trail through the old-growth forest and embrace the show that unfolds in the tree canopy.

What does Vallea Lumina stand for?

Photo Credit: Vallea Lumina

Vallea stands for valley and Lumina stands for light, making it a light show in the forest valley! According to the Vallea Lumina website, “Between the trees, in the shadow of mountains, legends say there’s a hidden valley where stardust falls from the sky, filling all living things with its pure light. It’s a place that’s filled with unexpected enchantment. There’s a way to get there, but few know how to find it. Those who visit and witness its secrets remember it long after they leave.” 

This is the perfect description and aligns with our Vallea Lumina review of what you can expect to experience at the enchanted forest in Whistler, giving you the inspiration to come and visit all while keeping the magic elusive and ready for you to experience firsthand.

Where is Vallea Lumina?

entrance to vallea lumina, close to the parking lot

Vallea Lumina light show Whistler is located in the Cougar Mountain basecamp, a short 10-minute drive outside of Whistler. You can choose to take a shuttle from Whistler Village, or drive and park your car.

Vallea Lumina Shuttle Bus

The Adventure Group (TAG) is the company that runs Vallea Lumina in Whistler and they have a Vallea Lumina shuttle bus that runs from the Whistler Village up to the Cougar Mountain base camp.  We boarded our bus promptly at 8:30 pm at the Blackcomb Village base, at one of the well-signed ‘pick up’ points, and made our way out past Green Lake to the base of Cougar Mountain. One of the many online Vallea Lumina reviews I’ve seen all recommend taking the shuttle bus!

Whistler Vallea Lumina Parking

Driving your vehicle is not recommended, as there is limited parking at Vallea Lumina, and it is not necessary, especially if you’re staying in the village. The allocated coaches are comfortable and frequent, so you get to truly relax and enjoy your evening without having to drive (plus carpooling is more eco-friendly, score one for the trees!). 

If you must drive, be sure to put the address (Sixteen Mile Creek Forest Service Rd, Whistler, BC V0N 1B8) into your GPS, and when you are getting close to the turn-off on the highway, slow down, as it comes up fast and isn’t overly well lit (for a light show this always makes me laugh). Once you turn off the highway you’ll drive up a gravel road to the parking lot. If you are heading there in the winter don’t forget, winter tires are mandatory!

How long is Vallea Lumina?

sign at entrance to vallea lumina review
Photo Credit: Vallea Lumina

If you’re wondering how long the Vallea Lumina light walk takes, you can expect to start in the basecamp before hitting the official trailhead and walking through the Vallea Lumina archway. Once on the trail, based on our Vallea Lumina review, most guests take between 60 – 90 minutes to explore the experience. The time it takes depends on: 

  • How fast you walk 
  • How much time you stop at each spot 
  • How many photos/videos you are taking along the way 
  • How warm you are, as guests who aren’t dressed warm enough in the winter may opt to head home earlier than they anticipated (see the gear guide below for my recommendations)

What is the Vallea Lumina Basecamp?

basecamp area at the Vallea Lumina experience in whistler

The basecamp at Whistler Vallea Lumina is an open-air site in the middle of the forest that welcomes guests to slow down and enjoy their time in the forest. With large outdoor firepits and Adirondack chairs, you and your party can hang out and warm up around the fire (season/fire regulations permitting). On-site you’ll also find washrooms, a storefront, as well as other adventures including ziplining, ATV tours, and a high ropes course.

Vallea Lumina Review Tip: Take your time both before and after your walk through the Trail to explore and enjoy the basecamp area, it’s part of the experience too.

Vallea Lumina Entrance

people walking under large vallea lumina review sign
Photo Credit: Vallea Lumina

When you are ready, the archway to Vallea Lumina marks the beginning of your journey to enchantment, as you follow along the lantern-lined pathways, upstairs and around corners, tracking the traces of two long-ago hikers.

Vallea Lumina Review – A Story in a Forest Turned Into A Magical Woodland

Once you’re on the trail you’ll see iridescent signs, hear cryptic radio transmissions, and follow the clues of the lost explorers as you are taken through a light show that is like no other. 

tents with people inside at vallea lumina review
Photo Credit: Vallea Lumina

Whistler’s night walk takes you on the trail through the forest, past a variety of light installations, including canopy tents where you see 2 hikers set off on their adventure. You’ll follow them over bridges, up hills, down to the river, and through the forest trails. There were times when we came around the bend and were met with magic in the trees. There were times when embers from a fire flew up into the canopy, recreating Whistler legends from years gone by. Sometimes we just stood still and watched the stardust dancing on our faces, trying to catch it in our mouths.

a person walks across a wooden bridge through a forest illuminated with twinkling lights, a Vallea Lumina review

And there were times that we huddled close and just watched in wonderment as enchantment happened all around us. As we boarded our bus back to Whistler Village, we reflected on our experience, talking about what we liked the most and what my kiddos thought was important to highlight. As my youngest simply put it, “It feels like you are in magic Mama,” a perfect and simplistic Vallea Lumina review.

We’ve kept the storyline high-level so that you can experience the magic for yourself once you are on the ground. 

Visitor Tip: As soon as they’ve checked your tickets, you should start looking for clues as there are signs on the left that start to tell a bit about the story, and they are lit up with black lights so watch for them (kids LOVE this part!).

10 Vallea Lumina Photos To Inspire Your Visit

two people walk past cabins in the forest that have projections of people inside, a Vallea Lumina review
close up of snow covered trees with lots of sparkling lights on them at Vallea Lumina
a person walks along a lighted trail in a snowy forest that leads to Vallea Lumina in whistler
Photo Credit: Vallea Lumina
a lit up sign directing people where to go at Vallea Lumina
Photo Credit: Vallea Lumina
a lit up, snow covered stream that runs through the Vallea Lumina experience
a person stands reading a sign that is glowing under blacklights at the Vallea Lumina experience
Photo Credit: Vallea Lumina
a re-creation of an old canvas tent in the forest, a variety of artifacts including old snowshoes, wooden crates, chairs and lanterns sit inside

Vallea Lumina Tickets & Vallea Lumina Discount Code

a woman walks in the basecamp area, Vallea Lumina review

We recommend booking through our Viator link as this will save you approximately $7 per person and your purchase through Viator also supports my small business! (Cash and good karma – bonus!)

We love booking adventures through Viator. Their “reserve now, pay later” means you can secure your activities 4 months in advance, and then choose to pay at any time, or their auto-pay will take your payment 2 days before your experience. However, you can cancel for free up to 24 hours before your visit date.

Book your Vallea Lumina Experience Tickets here!

Is Vallea Lumina Worth It?

An outdoor adventure, a slew of imagination, mixed in with dedicated family time and you have me going to this adventure again and again. In the winter, the lights reflect off the white canvas of snow, and in the summer the trees and the river look so different, making this four-season experience worth visiting more than once. 

So do I recommend that you take your family, hands down, without a doubt, yes! However, part of my Vallea Lumina review is that you give yourself extra time, head up to the base camp and enjoy a campfire first, or plan on doing multiple adventures while hanging out in Cougar Creek. The team at The Adventure Group can help you decide which adventure is best for your family.

What To Wear To Vallea Lumina

a woman sits fireside at the basecamp area at Vallea Lumina

Summer Vallea Lumina:

  • Layers (base layer, exterior shell) 
  • Warm dry socks & good walking shoes
  • Hat/ear warmers
  • It is in the mountains and be sure to check the weather as it may be a few degrees cooler in the hills and after dark.

Winter Vallea Lumina:

  • Base layer (something sweat-wicking, no cotton) 
  • Mid layer (fleece, sweater) 
  • External layer (snow pants, jacket.), especially if the kids want to play in the snow at base camp. 
  • Mittens/gloves
  • Toque 
  • Scarf 
  • Warm boots

Other Questions about Whistler’s Night Walk:

Photo Credit: Vallea Lumina

Who created Vallea Lumina?

Vallea Lumina was created in partnership with The Adventure Group and Moment Factory.

Is Vallea Lumina stroller-friendly?

The trail is wide and well groomed but not stroller-friendly due to some of the stairs, so based on my Vallea Lumina review, it is recommended that those bringing littles should do so in a baby carrier.

Are there bathrooms at Vallea Lumina?

Make a pit stop at the bathrooms at the Cougar Mountain base camp before entering the Vallea Lumina trail, as there aren’t any available until your return.

Can I take photos at Vallea Lumina?

You can take photos and videos but flash photography is not allowed.

Are pets allowed at Vallea Lumina?

While pets would love the trails and the trees, this is not an adventure that is suitable for pets and they are not allowed at Vallea Lumina.

In conclusion, YES, I think it’s obvious that I love Vallea Lumina and that I think it’s an excellent experience to invest in if you are visiting Whistler. I hope this Vallea Lumina review helped give you better insight into what to expect and how to plan your trip to see this world-class Whistler night light show. 

Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’re a regular like me, Vallea Lumina will exceed your expectations no matter how many times you go (just ask my Mom, I video-called her on my last trip, my 6th time going!)! Be sure to drop your Vallea Lumina review in the comments.

Book your Vallea Lumina Experience Tickets here!

Is this a sponsored post?: While we were invited to experience Vallea Lumina, all of our experiences and our Vallea Lumina review are our own.

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