Mud, Muck, and Memories – Why Families Should Experience Whistler ATV Tours

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Helmets, Check.

Goggles, Check.

Clothes that we don’t mind getting dirty… check, check, check, check.

We’re locked and loaded and ready to experience ATV Tours in Whistler!

If you follow along on our family adventures, you know that our family has a passion for the outdoors and “adventure” is our middle name. So when we were invited up by the TAG Group to explore Whistler via RZR tour we jumped at the opportunity!

What is a RZR?

RZR vehicle parked and ready for it's Whistler ATV Tours

An RZR is a high performance, off road trail beast. It’s technically an ATV, or All Terrain Vehicle meant for exploring the backroads. We opted for the four seater RZR, allowing our family to cruise together.

Where does the RZR Tour Go?

The Adventure Group picks you up in Whistler Village at the base of the mountain. From there you hop on a bus and drive about 15 minutes to TAG’s base camp on Cougar Mountain. After you’re geared up and have had your safety orientation you’re off on a guided tour around Whistler’s backcountry.

We experienced the Wilderness Ride Tour which was a 2 hour round trip.

Why families should experience ATV Tours in Whistler

To quote the tour operator, TAG, “What if the journey and the destination became indistinguishable?” While you come to experience the epic, world-class scenery, your journey to get to and from each vista is just as much fun. One of the best parts about our adventure was hearing the kids scream their heads off as we were jostled along the bumpy road.

Here’s a few more reasons why families should check out this tour…

Hands on learning

family listening to safety briefing before the tour

The children were an active part of the safety orientation, allowing them to learn about the equipment and gear as well as their role in keeping the family safe. While they were disappointed (and even shocked) to find out that they couldn’t drive, having them be involved in this process was a great hands-on learning experience. (Drivers must be 16+ and have a valid driver’s license.)

The “We look Cool” Strut

family sitting in RZR during Whistler ATV tours

There’s something about gearing up for an adventure that makes everyone feel cooler… That little bit of confidence and swag that comes out once you throw on a helmet and goggles and head out of the shack. I call it the “strut”. I’ve seen my kids do it in wet suits while rafting in Jasper and saw it again on this tour. Chest up, chin up, and an energy filled with excitement as we belt up and get ready to head out.

World Class Views

view from the top of a mountain during Whistler ATV Tours

See those people photo bombing my shot? I didn’t mind, they had come from Mexico to experience the amazing views in Whistler. While we don’t tend to have to travel so far with Whistler being in our backyard, it’s not that often that we take the time to do it! This is a conversation that we have regularly with our children, explaining how lucky we are to call this place home and also what our role is in keeping these areas safe and protected.

Front Seat Envy

boy sitting in front seat of RZR during Whistler ATV Tours

The kids loved the fact that they got to sit in the front seat… so much to the point that they didn’t want to get out at the view points in case their seat would be stolen by another family member. I didn’t get to drive or sit in the front seat! That was okay though, everyone in the family was having so much fun that I got to sit back and take it all in… what an amazing day!

Get Dirty

woman with dirt covered face after Whistler ATV Tours

After we were finished our tour we were covered in dirt head to toe. I looked like I had a beard! The kids absolutely loved that they could shake their clothes out. I was glad that we could head back to our hotel, where dirt is like a currency and their only concern when we walked through the doors was if we had enough towels!

Check out a sneak peek of our adventure here:

Ready to plan your own Whistler ATV Tour?

  1. Choose your tour – With a variety of tours to choose from there’s something for everyone at TAG. Check out their website for a full listing of Whistler ATV Tours.
  2. Pack Up – Be Sure to bring:
    1. Clothes that can get DIRTY!
    2. Phone / Go Pro for capturing the incredible scenery.
    3. Waterbottle
    4. Closed-Toed Shoes

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