Quebec City Bike Rental – A 2024 Adventure Guide to Biking in The Historic City

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Are You Looking For The Best Quebec City Bike Rental?

woman holding a fat e-bike stands outside a quebec city bike rental store

One of the best ways to explore a city is by bike. Not only is it eco-friendly, it’s also great exercise, and allows you to explore the city like a local. Quebec City is the perfect place to rent a bike and explore and I’m going to strongly suggest (and write a whole article) why I recommend doing a fat bike rental or fat bike guided tour in Quebec City. The reasoning can be summed up into two words: cobblestone streets.

Old Town Quebec is lined with the most beautiful cobblestone streets that are hundreds of years old. With the uneven roadway, riders on a fat bike simply glide over the rough terrain. Do you want to soar up the side hills and back alleys? A fat electric bike (e-bike) is the perfect adventure companion. I can say this as we recently did a winter guided e-bike tour in Quebec City and it was the perfect combination of adventure and education. I have put together this guide to give you everything you need to plan your bike tour as well as some of our behind-the-scenes pictures from our experience.

Disclaimer: While I share my own thoughts and stories about these experiences, should you click on the affiliate links, I may receive a small commission on that sale which helps fund Adventure Awaits.

Best Fat Bike Rental Quebec City – Tuque & Bicycle Experiences

owner of the tuque & bicycle experiences, quebec city bike rental shop, stands by bicycles in her store

We were welcomed to take a guided fat bike tour with Tuque & Bicycle Experiences, located in the heart of Old Town Quebec at the intersection of Rue Saint Paul and Rue des Navigateurs. Locally and female-owned, Tuque & Bicycle Experiences was founded by 23-year-old Émilie Pelletier in 2020, and four years later is now one of the premier fat bike rental businesses in Quebec City. When you choose to rent from Tuque & Bicycle Experiences you are:

  • Investing in local tourism.
  • Taking part in eco-friendly adventures.
  • Learning stories, history, and insights from local guides.
  • Getting local expertise on where to eat, drink, shop, and explore.
  • Learning behind-the-scenes facts that you wouldn’t have discovered on your own.

Why is fat biking ideal in Quebec City?

view of snow covered buildings in old Quebec city

Compared to a traditional bike, the large-width tires on a fat bike have larger treads, allowing the bike to grip the cobblestones and the rider to flow effortlessly as they pedal. The tires also are inflated to a very low pressure which allows them to act as suspension and absorb most of the shock ensuring maximum comfort for the rider. But other than the large tires, the bikes function very similarly to other bicycles, so if you can ride a bike you can ride a fat bike!

Fat Bike Rentals vs. Fat Bike Guided Tours

traditional fat bikes sit outside the tuque & bicycle experiences storefront in old quebec city

When you are looking to book bike rentals in Quebec City you can choose between a fat bike rental which would be a self-guided experience, or a guided fat bike tour where a certified local guide will take you on a tour through the city. Let’s dig into what both entail to help you choose what is the best fit for you.

Best Fat Bike Rentals In Quebec City

three e-bikes sit parked in the snow in quebec city

If you are a very comfortable rider, have ridden a fat bike or an e-bike before (or are keen to learn quickly), and prefer biking at your own pace then doing an Electric Fat Bike rental in Quebec City may be the perfect fit. You can start by gearing up and getting fit for your fat bike, talk with the hosts about the best places for you to explore, and then you can head out for a few hours and explore the sights around Quebec City at your leisure.

What is great about this self-guided biking experience is that you can choose whether you stay in town and explore the streets of Old Town Quebec, or if you want to head to Saint-Charles River Linear Park and ride alongside the river and get more of a longer trail ride in. You can also explore the Domaine Maizerets or the Limilou Districts. Do you have something custom in mind? Perhaps you want to see as many churches in town or are a photographer wanting the perfect scenic spot, or maybe you’re a history buff who wants to head to see the city’s historic points of interest, with this fully customizable self-guided tour you can create your path through Quebec City.

Guided Fat Bike Tour In Quebec City

woman with huge smile on her face rides her Quebec city bike rental towards the camera over a bridge in the snow

Tuque & Bicycle Experiences offers two different guided fat bike tours in Quebec City for you to choose from:

First-Timer Guided Fat Bike Tour

a group bike tour rides through old quebec city
Photo Credit: Tuque & Bicycle Experiences

If you are looking to go fat biking and it’ll be your first time in Quebec City, then their first-timer 2-hour guided tour is the tour for you. I always love having a guide when I am learning a new skill as it cuts down the learning curve and helps me get to the “adventure” part of the experience faster! Once you are fitted for your bike, your guide will take you on some beginner roads in Old Town Quebec and then you will head out and check out more of the sights around the city. As this is an introductory tour, most of the roads/trails are relatively flat and as accessible as possible helping ensure a successful first trip on the fat bike!

3-Hour Guided Fat Bike Experience

a guided Quebec city bike tour stops to listen to their guide
Photo Credit: Tuque & Bicycle Experiences

If you want to take in as much of the city as possible, explore Old Town Quebec, and get out into the cityside trails, then their 3-hour guided bike experience is the tour for you. This is the tour that we did when we were visiting Quebec City during Carnaval and it was the perfect combination of eco-adventure, history tour, and cultural immersion. One of the biggest benefits of this tour is that it comes with a certified Quebec City guide who was constantly stopping to share fun and hidden facts that we would have missed had we not had a guide (thanks Denise!). Here’s an example:

fronts of old buildings in one section of old quebec city

When we were visiting the Petit Champlain Courtyard we noticed that most of the buildings looked like they were 400 or more years old, but their looks were quite deceiving. On October 14, 1866, there was, what is now known as The Great Fire of Quebec City. On that night, 2500-3000 buildings burnt down and 20,000 people lost their homes. In the 1970’s during a restoration process, a lot of buildings were replaced, with what looked like homes from centuries ago, to help maintain the heritage and the history of the city. I was standing in front of a series of three houses in front of Petite Champlain and had assumed they were centuries old when I was almost older than them! 

So having a certified guide is worth the tour itself, but you also get to go riding beyond the traditional streets and into back alleys, and side streets with history. Be sure to ask your guide for tips on the best places to eat and drink too, as we all know, the best places to eat in a city are where the locals tell you to go!

Book your guided Quebec City tour with Toque & Bicycle Experiences here!

What’s included with Guided Tours?

  • Fitting, gear, and orientation at the Tuque & Bicycle Experiences storefront in Old Quebec
  • Group size of no more than 8 riders
  • Fat bike and helmet
  • Hot drink and small snack
  • If available, they may be able to lend you winter equipment

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Quebec City

bikes lined up to be rented inside the Quebec city bike rental store
Photo Credit: Tuque & Bicycle Experiences

Are you wondering how much a fat bike rental in Quebec City will cost? I was very surprised at how affordable the prices were, ranging from $20 per hour to $120 for an all-inclusive, professionally guided experience. Here’s the exact breakdown of each of the services to help you decide which is right for you:

Traditional Fat Bike Rental (Self Guided Experience)

  • 1-2 Hours: $40.00
  • 2-4 Hours: $57.00

Electric Fat Bike Rental (Self Guided Experience)

  • 1-4 Hours: $50.00

An electric fat bike is just like a traditional fat bike, only less work and more fun! As you can tell, I am a huge fan of e-bikes, as the electric pedal assist allows you to travel further with the same amount of effort, thus leading to longer adventures.

First-Timer Guided Fat Bike Tour (2 hours)

  • $73.00 per person

3-Hour Guided Fat Bike Experience

  • $119.00 per person

Requirements for Traditional Fat Biking

  • Riders must be at least 14 years old
  • Riders must be at least 4’9″ (144 cm) tall
  • Riders maximum weight can not exceed: 275 lbs (125 kg)
  • Riders need to be in good physical health and able to ride a bicycle for the duration of the tour

Requirements for Electric Fat Biking

In Quebec City, you are allowed to ride an electric bicycle from the age of 14 as long as you hold a class 6D license. If you do not have this license, then you need to be a minimum of 18 years old to ride an e-bike in Quebec City.

How to Prepare for Your Bike Rental In Quebec City

woman riding a fat e-bike on a snowy trail in quebec city

Where To Go

If you are not sure where to take your bike rental in Quebec City the team at Tuque & Bicycle Experiences would be happy to help you design possible routes! They will even print off a route for you and give you a copy and a Ziplock bag so that you don’t have to take your hands out of your gloves while you are out biking! What a thoughtful little bonus!

Tips on Using Your Phone

If you are using your phone to navigate Quebec City, there are a few recommendations for how to make your trip successful. This includes: 

  1. Keep your phone warm! If you are heading out in the winter, keep the phone close to your body (like an inside pocket) so that the cold weather doesn’t drain the battery.
  2. Use a credible navigation app such as Google or Trail Forks. 
  3. Tip from Tuque & Bicycle Experiences – When riding on a cold winter day, try not to look at your phone too much. Every time you bring out your phone you have to take your hands out of your gloves, making your fingers cold, which can lead to cold hands (I love this tip as it’s so practical and true!).

Safety Gear and What To Wear

a woman stands with an e-bike, hands in the air

The best biking experience is a safe one, so here are some of the safety tips and requirements when doing a Quebec City bicycle rental:


Helmets are required for riders and will be provided by Tuque & Bicycle Experiences. They are disinfected between each use. If you have your own helmet you are allowed to bring it, as long as it is light and doesn’t impair your hearing (ski helmets are not the right fit). Wear a thin toque that covers your ears under your helmet for the most comfort and warmth. You can borrow this from Tuque & Bicycle Experiences as well. 

Rider Tip: Don’t wear a hat that has a pompom. It’s not safe. If you have one that you want to take a photograph with, pack it in a pocket or a backpack.

What To Wear For Your Bike Rental

When planning for your bike ride be sure to think in layers! This includes: 

  • Base layer (not cotton), that wicks away the sweat
  • Warm layer – fleece and cozy 
  • Outer layer – Windproof and winter-rated jacket and pants 
  • Two layers of clean dry socks 
  • Toque, thin that will fit under a helmet
  • Scarf, balaclava or neck gaiter
  • Warm winter boots 
  • Mittens or gloves. Mittens are recommended during colder weather as your fingers stay together, creating more heat and staying warmer for longer

What To Pack For Your Day Out Biking

  • Small backpack, as you want to be hands-free during your ride 
  • Bottle of water 
  • Snack (granola bars are perfect) 
  • Tissues 
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen if it’s a nice beautiful day
  • Fully charged phone (and a battery backup if needed) 
  • Camera gear

How To Stay Warm During Your Quebec City Bike Rental

  • Bring clean, dry socks and put them on right before you start your bike experience. This will help ensure that your toes are as warm and dry as possible before you head out. 
  • Bring a balaclava or neck gaiter! This is the one thing that so many people forget and having a cold neck can send chills down your whole body. This can also be pulled up to cover your chin and cheeks which can be helpful if you’re going fast on an e-bike and have the wind hitting your face. 
  • Make sure your ears are covered either with a toque or headband (make sure they are thin enough to fit under a helmet).  
  • Dress in layers so that the sweat is pulled away from your skin and out the exterior layers. 
  • Ride the bike! Riding is a great exercise that will naturally keep you warm. So enjoy the stops along the way but try to keep moving as much as possible on really cold days so that you can keep moving and stay warm!

Book your guided Quebec City tour with Toque & Bicycle Experiences here!

Quebec City Bike Rental FAQs

Is Quebec City good for biking?

Yes, Quebec City is very bike-friendly and a great way to experience the city. The city is committed to expanding its bike network and is always creating new ways for bikes to traverse across the city, new trails, and new places to secure your bike (for example there’s bike parking at Carnaval). They are a forward and eco-committed city so this will only continue to evolve.

Where did fat biking start?

Fat biking was founded in Alaska in the 1980s by a group of mountain bikers who wanted to ride their bikes for all four seasons of the year. At the same time, bikers in New Mexico were developing fat bikes so they could ride on the sand dunes. Fat bikes are perfect on sand and snow!

Do they speak English in Quebec City?

You will find that most of the people you encounter in Quebec City (those in the tourism industry and locals) will speak French as their first language but what impresses me is their ability to instantly switch and speak English once they recognize it’s your language (which if you’re reading this article in English, I’m assuming it is). I don’t speak French but had no problems as everyone was so helpful once they realized this, and quickly changed over to English to be able to communicate with me.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best Quebec City bike rental or guided bike tour, then be sure to book with Tuque & Bicycle Experiences. Not only is exploring Quebec City by bike a great eco-friendly adventure, it offers you a unique way to explore the city’s rich history, stunning architecture and charming neighbourhoods. Plus, e-biking allows you to cover more ground than traditional biking, while still immersing yourself in the local culture and atmosphere.

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