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Are you looking for things to do in Quebec City in the winter? 

Well if there ever was a city that stole my heart, it’s Quebec City. After my first visit in 2020, I’ve been hooked and have been trying to plan visits back as often as I can. From their incredible culture to their European setting, a winter visit to Quebec City feels like you’ve been transported across the Atlantic and into another country. However, how amazing is it that this beautiful city is right here on Canadian soil, inviting guests from around the world to experience their warm welcome, their award-winning food, and their wide array of adventures to be explored? 

So putting together this guide on things to do in Quebec City in the winter is easy as there is SO much to do that you’ll be able to have as many action-packed adventures in a day as your schedule will allow. Don’t worry though, I also was sure to include some downtime and rest stops and the best places to eat so you can refuel before you head out again. 

So book your trip to Quebec City and start planning your winter adventures!

Disclaimer: While I share my own thoughts and stories about these experiences, should you click on the affiliate links, I may receive a small commission on that sale which helps fund Adventure Awaits.

26 Things to Do In Quebec City in The Winter

1. Explore Old Town Quebec

looking down one of the streets in old quebec city

The first place you should explore on your visit to Quebec City is the streets of Old Town Quebec. Dating back over 400 years, you are instantly immersed in the history, with every single step on the cobblestone that you take. Old Town Quebec is known for artisans and restaurants, so it’s a great place to check out the window displays and walk through the shops. I love how you can see the evolution of the city through the building designs, each era telling a different story. Be sure to wear good walking shoes as the road is quite uneven (which only adds to your experience). 

When you’re ready to take a break from strolling the neighbourhood, I recommend that you stop in for lunch at one of the most delicious vegan restaurants I’ve ever been to, Don Vegan. Nestled into a cozy corner, this little restaurant is easy to walk by but one you won’t want to miss. As soon as you swing the large black door open you’re immersed into a world of colour, electric decor, and delicious food and drinks that are as elevated as your surroundings. And if you’ve never gone vegan, this is a great place to do it as you’ll enjoy large servings and hearty food. I know this will be one of my first stops on my next trip back to Quebec City! 

Traveler Tip: There are two picture-perfect places to capture images that will give you the essence of the city and a great photo for your travel wall at home. 

#1 – Looking up towards the funicular – Head to the intersection of Rue Sous-le-fort and Rue-Nortre-Dame, and point your camera up towards the funicular. Place your subjects 10 feet or so in front of the camera and you’ll get the great surroundings of old town Quebec, the cobblestone paths, and the funicular in the background. 

#2 – Breakneck Steps – These are known as the city’s steepest steps, offering you a great view looking down back through the streets of Quebec City. Located just at the base of the funicular and to the right, you can climb up these steps and then look back down into the streets to capture some beautiful images. Photography trick: Head out late at night (after 9 pm) after the crowds are gone so you can have the streets all to yourself!

2. Take a Fat E-Bike Tour through the streets of Old Town Quebec City

woman stands with ebike in quebec city, one of the things to do in Quebec City in the winter.

If you are physically able to ride a bike I would consider an e-bike tour with Tuque & Bicycle Experiences, an absolute MUST on your trip to Quebec City. Founded in 2020 by a young local female entrepreneur by the name of Émilie, this business brings together all the things I love including eco-friendly tourism, local storytelling, exercise, and supporting local businesses. 

There are a few different options that you can choose for your e-bike experience but I recommend doing a guided tour, as it’s a great opportunity to connect with a local and hear what I call, “Stories from the streets.” Here’s an example of something I learned on our tour that I never would have known had I not had a local guide.  

While most of the buildings look like they are 400 or more years old, that is not true and by design. On October 14, 1866, there was, what is now known as The Great Fire of Quebec City. On that night, 2500-3000 buildings burnt down and 20,000 people lost their homes. In the 1970’s during a restoration process a lot of buildings were replaced, with what looked like homes from centuries ago, to help maintain the heritage and the history of the city. I was standing in front of a series of three horses and had assumed they were centuries old when I was older than them! I love these facts that can only be found in a guided experience. This is one of our top things to do in Quebec City in the winter suggestions!

To learn more about our experience and see actual photos from our Quebec City bike rental tour, check out this article!

3. Ride the Funicular

looking down at the funicular in quebec city

It was an episode of The Amazing Race Canada that introduced our family to Quebec City’s funicular. This unique form of transportation is like an outdoor elevator that connects the Dufferin Terrace and the Quartier Petit-Champlain, Place-Royale, and the Old Port. The funicular rides on a 45-degree angle taking you up 282 feet, saving you a lot of steps, and giving you a great view out over the St. Lawrence River. 

It costs $5 each way (cash only!) and if you show up without cash (like I did) you don’t have to worry as there is an ATM cash machine available. The funicular is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm. If you happen to visit after hours (perhaps you’re taking early morning or late night photos) you can walk around the funicular, up the Breakneck steps, and hike your way to the top. It’ll get your heart pumping but can be done in about 10 minutes depending on your stair-climbing speed. I also recommend this route as there are a few great vantage points as well.

4. Visit Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

view of the fairmont le chateau frontenac and toboggan track in quebec city

Hands down one of my favourite hotels in the whole wide world, a visit to the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is a must on your visit. The hotel was built as part of the CP Rail project to give guests a luxury experience after taking their luxury train ride and has been welcoming guests to Quebec City since 1893. Some of the most famous guests that have stayed at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac include King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Grace of Monaco, Celine Dion, and more. Three things to do at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac:

Take a Tour of The Hotel

Located in the lobby you’ll find Quebec Cicerone Tours which offers story-infused tours of the property. We were fortunate enough to have our own private tour where I learned that during World War II the hotel was used as wartime headquarters hosting Mackenzie King, Franklin D Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill for what was called “The Quebec Conferences” in August 1943. At these conferences, they planned out the Normandy landings, an important military strategy as well as drafted the 72 resolutions, which eventually went on to form the basis of Canada’s Constitution.

Go for Lunch at Bistro Le Sam

Luxury, location, and local food combine in this breathtaking restaurant. Perfectly perched over the Dufferin Terrace overlooking Old Town Quebec and the St. Lawrence River, you could easily go for lunch and spend the whole day just taking in the sights around you. The decor in the restaurant is so visually stunning that I went back the next morning before they opened just so that I could take more photos!

Take Photos of the World’s Most Photographed Hotel

Grab your camera and take photos of one of the most photographed hotels in the world (I’m not sure how they equate that, but that is what I’ve been able to research). One of my favourite places to take a photo is from the south side of the Dufferin Terrace (if you’re there in the winter that will be down by where the 1884 toboggan slide is). This gives you a great vantage point from which to look back at the hotel. Invest in the early morning or evening golden hour to get the best photos of the hotel and take pictures from all sides, it truly is a stunning property.

Bucket List Item: Stay at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

After doing all of these things on our first visit to Quebec City in 202, I realized that upon my return I would want to stay at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, and four years later my dreams came true. A world-class property that facilitates an incredible guest experience, I can say that the hotel is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, and the staff takes that personal experience to a whole new level. We also were upgraded to Fairmont Gold, where morning breakfast, canapes, and my favourite…candy in the afternoon were all a part of our stay. Whether you splurge for one night or use the hotel as a base camp for your stay, I really can’t say enough about this hotel or experience.

5. Go Tobogganing at 1884

two toboggans sit at the top of the slides, one of the best things to do in Quebec City in the winter.

A trip to Quebec City in the winter must include a ride on the classic Canadian toboggans that have been on the Dufferin Terrace since 1884 (hence the name). For only $3.50 you can get a ticket, grab a toboggan, and race down the icy tracks at speeds of up to 70km, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be giggling the whole way down (and probably going for a second or third lap). I love that the city has maintained this attraction not only as a fun city adventure but also as a preservation of the culture and history that make Quebec City so unique. 

While you’re in the area be sure to soak in the sights and sounds around you, especially if you’re visiting during Carnaval. You’ll find people skating and playing hockey, doing three-legged ski tracks, a DJ encouraging dancing in the streets, and a maple syrup taffy on a stick sweet treat stand, all surrounded by incredible views. This is one of the quintessential things to do in Quebec City in the winter!

6. Visit the World’s Largest Winter Carnaval – Quebec City Carnival

a woman hugs bonhomme at the carnaval de quebec, one of the best things to do in Quebec City in the winter.

Whether you are planning to go to Quebec City specifically for Carnaval or didn’t know about Carnaval but can book your trip to include it, I highly recommend that you do. As the world’s largest Winter Festival, it’s an impressive display of community and culture as the whole city comes together to celebrate winter. 

Hosted by Bonhomme himself, Carnaval De Quebec takes place for ten days between the end of January and the beginning of February, with hundreds of activations happening around town every day. Some of the biggest attractions include Bonhomme’s ice castle, the incredible night parade, and the winter activities around town like skating, hockey, tobogganing, sliding, and ice climbing. From sun up to sun down, endless official celebrations are happening at sites all around town, as well as additional ones hosted by businesses and families. 

And the best part? It’s the type of event you can go to again and again, I’ve been twice and look forward to going again in the future as it really is one of the top things to do in Quebec City in the winter! To get an in-depth look and plan your trip to Carnaval, look at our detailed feature article here.

7. Go Skating at Place D’Youville

many people skating on the rink at Place D'Youville in quebec city

Gliding across the ice I felt like I was in the middle of a Hallmark movie, with music playing and European architecture surrounding me. Lights sparkled off the building’s seasonal displays, teenagers raced around me, chasing one another on the ice, and the snow-covered landscape made us stop to capture many photos. Skating is free of charge if you have your own skates, if not you can rent skates in the building adjacent to the rink. If you’re looking for a special Quebec winter experience, it is skating at Place D’Youville.

8. Strøm Spa Nordique

woman stands warming her hands at a fire at the strom spa in quebec city

Imagine sitting in a hot tub all while looking out over the St. Lawrence River while huge chunks of ice float by. This setting was the perfect place for Strøm Spa Nordique, a Nordic Spa experience on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Located only a ten-minute drive from the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, an indulgent spa experience was the perfect way to break up our trip and I highly recommend you check it out too! 

Strøm Spa Nordique has so many different elements for you to explore, inviting you to slow down and roam at your own pace, moving from hot to cold experiences at your leisure. They have a lot of different things to explore including outdoor hot tubs, an Epsom salt flotation bath, an inviting infinity edge pool overlooking the St. Lawrence River, saunas and steam rooms, and of course ice-cold plunge pools. For an elevated experience, you can also book massage therapy, body and hand, and foot treatments. If you plan your visit over a meal you can head to the restaurant for lunch, at the spa, with a view. Talk about a perfect day and one of the most relaxing things to do in Quebec City in the winter!

9. Le Grand Marché de Quebec

looking down at the various shop stands at le grand marche in quebec city

As soon as you walk through the front doors of Le Grand Marché you can tell you’re in an innovative space. The senses will be filled with that of a variety of foods, equally inspiring your senses and forcing tough decisions like where to explore first! 

Le Grand Marché de Quebec is a gourmet destination that brings together vendors from all over the region and gives them a space to showcase their food, beverages, and sweet treats. The inside of the building is beautifully decorated and set up to facilitate gatherings, slow meals, and places for you to explore. From sweet treats (my mouth is still watering over the salted caramel) to meats and dinner items, to beverages at the local brewery, there’s much to be discovered at Le Grand Marché. 

Traveler Tip: If you are visiting during Carnaval, be sure to head outside so you can take part in some of the activities including sledding, skating, and some of the sponsored activations.

10. Visit North America’s Only Ice Hotel

woman stands in front of the entrance doors to the ice hotel in quebec city

Located just a 20-minute drive outside of downtown Quebec City is Canada’s only Ice Hotel, Hôtel de Glace. Every year the designers come up with a different theme and in 2024 it was “Time”. The hotel has 30 rooms, an ice bar, a dance floor, and a playroom (including a huge slide!). One of the newest editions was the neon LED lights which made us feel like we were in a nightclub once the music was pumping. 

Visitors can plan to head out for the day and tour the ice hotel, or you can opt to snuggle up and spend the night in a true bucket list style experience. I have done both and both are unique experiences and an epic adventure when it comes to things to do in Quebec City in the winter. For a full and very detailed description and photos from our trip to Hôtel de Glace, check out this article.

11. Go Tubing & Rafting at Village Vacances Valcartier

looking down at the tubing runs from the tube tow, one of the best things to do in Quebec City in the winter

Quebec knows how to do snow adventures, and a trip to Village Vacances Valcartier needs to be included. Enjoy time out on the tubing slopes, where you can squeal your way down the epic runs. Similar to skiing and snowboarding, each run is ranked based on difficulty and speed, from easy blue runs to double black diamonds. In traditional Jami fashion, I headed straight for the double black diamonds and can’t tell you how much fun it was as we rode the runs down the mountain. What I love the most is that they have a variety of ways that you can play including a single tube, or you can hold your tubes together (up to 8 people for some runs) and make your way down the slopes with your friends. They also have 8-person tubes and rafts, and trust me when you load those up with people and gravity takes over, you get going and your adrenaline gets pumping!

12. Skating Through a Forest at Valcartier

ice skating track through the forest at valcartier in quebec

Another unique twist on a traditional Canadian experience is skating through a forest. Skating is normally reserved for lakes and rivers but at Village Vacances Valcartier they have a trail that winds through the forest trees, giving you a uniquely Quebec experience.

13. Take the Ferry Across The River and Get a Great View Looking Back at Quebec City

ferry in the st. lawrence river, large chunks of ice are floating beside the ferry in the river

While the St. Lawrence River is covered in chunks of ice during the winter season, there is still a ferry that runs back and forth from Quebec City to the town of Levis. The 15 minute ferry ride leaves approximately every 30 minutes, and really is a great way to look back over the city of Quebec and capture great landscape photos. Once you are over there explore the little town for a few hours, or the whole day! 

The town of Levis is characterized by it’s steep streets lined with historic old homes. Levis was a major stop on the Grand Trunk Railway line, which served Quebec City, since at the time it didn’t have a railway line. It’s filled with rich history and invites you to explore it’s many museums and historic sites. 

While in Levis, be sure to check out Chutes de la Chaudière, a park that is home to impressive 35m high waterfall, 4.5 kms of trails, and a 23m high suspended footbridge, which offers views of the waterfall. A spectacular place to immerse yourself into the nature of Quebec and another fabulous things to do in Quebec City in the winter.

14. Visit La Citadelle de Quebec

aerial view of la citadelle de quebec

One of Canada’s oldest settlements, La Citadelle de Quebec is a Parks Canada National Historic site that sits on the Cap-Aug-Daimants looking out over the St. Lawrence River. The site is a huge 37 acres and in the middle has a polygonal-shaped fortification. This site holds major historical significance as it was an integral part of the defence strategy when it was under French and English regimes. Now it is an incredible part of Canadian history and you can go and see the changing of the guards and check out it’s increidble programming that they have one site. If you’re visiting with kids be sure to pick up an Xplorers Program booklet which will take their visit exploring the Citadelle to a new level, sharing historical facts in a fun and interactive way. 

Fun fact: If you are visiting during Carnaval be sure to check out their special programming including laser tag at the Citadelle!

15. Visit Petit-Champlain

nighttime view of the church and buildings in the petit-champlain area of old quebec city

It was 10 o’clock at night and we had just finished up our day’s work. We were exhausted and ready to go back to our hotel rooms when I grabbed my friend’s hand and said, “Not yet, I’m taking you to see Petit-Champlain at night!” My friend had never been to Quebec City and didn’t understand the urgency or my excitement, but once we walked down the cobblestone path and she could see the church lit up and the houses around the square, she too got to experience the magic of Petit-Champlain and quickly agreed that it was worth being out late to have the whole place to ourselves! 

At night we were able to get the glow of the lights off the snow and capture as many photos as we wanted without anyone else in our images. During the day Petit-Champlain is equally lovely, with shop doors open and tourists coming for a visit to explore. Be sure to mark this on your “must-see” list when looking for things to do in Quebec City!

16. Visit Basilique-Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Quebec

view of the intricate ceiling of the basilique-cathedrale notre-dame de quebec, a great things to do in Quebec City in the winter

Do you want to see the oldest Church in the Americas, north of Mexico? Not only does Basilique-Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Quebec have historical significance, but it is still a vibrant part of the Quebec culture and worth seeing when visiting.

Found on the UNESCO World Heritage List and located in the heart of Old Quebec City, the Basilique-Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Quebec is a place rich in history, as it has been destroyed twice, once in 1759 during the British Bombardment siege of Quebec and for the second time in 1922 when the church was destroyed by fire. Thankfully much of the artifacts, art, statues and archives were saved from the fire.

Today, guided tours take visitors through the church to see the interior that resembles that of the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Basilica in Paris, full of paintings and sculptures, a gold canopy, and incredible architecture.

17. Take your Visit to New Heights at The Observatoire De La Capitale 

aerial view of quebec city from the observatoire de la capitale

I always love seeking out places that offer views out over the city and if you’re like me, a visit to The Observatoire de la Capitale would be a good fit. Take the elevator up to the 31st floor of the Marie-Guyart building and soak in incredible views out over the city. One of the things I loved the most as a tourist was that while they had great views showcasing the landscape of the city they also had great educational exhibits which helped elevate our learning to a new level (see what I did there, just making sure you’re paying attention). 

Traveler Tip: This is a great place to head when it’s really cold out and you need to warm up! Still allows you to explore the city but gives you (and your kids) a chance to warm up, making it a great stop on your things to do in Quebec City in the winter list.

18. Explore Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations

outside entrance of the hotel-musee premieres nations hotel in wendake, quebec

From the moment you pull up the driveway, you know you’re somewhere truly special. Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations is a hotel and museum that is run by the Huron-Wendat First Nations people and is a unique Indigenous experience just 15 minutes from downtown Quebec City. Walking through the grand front entrance you’ll be greeted by Indigenous art of all varieties and scales, from large carvings hung on the wall to delegate jewelry on display for purchase. 

The open-concept lobby creates a warm sense of welcome and an innovative approach to the traditional hotel experience. Across from the reception desk is a bar that I could envision hanging out with friends at after check-in, all while planning your next day’s adventures. 

Downstairs you’ll find a first-class dining experience at La Traite. With Indigenous-infused cuisine and locally sourced ingredients, your palate and your eyes will feast as each course of your meal is presented at the table. I had the pleasure of dining there for two meals and was so overwhelmed with the beautiful display and meals that tasted even better than they looked!

19. Visit the Ekionkiestha’ National Longhouse

a man drumming in front of a fire inside the longhouse at the hotel-musee premieres nations in wendake, quebec

To truly embrace the cultural experience at the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations I recommend scheduling two activities during your stay, a visit to the on-site museum (which was under transformation during our stay) and a storytelling experience in the longhouse. 

I had never been in a longhouse and this was my first time around a campfire with an Indigenous storyteller. Before the stories began we were encouraged to ask all of our questions, no matter how uneducated they may seem (I felt silly at first but I wanted to know so many things!). I appreciated the warm welcome and inviting atmosphere so that I could ask all my questions. For this particular longhouse, we learned that it was quite small compared to the traditional one that we would have seen in the Indigenous villages. This longhouse was built for three families whereas a traditional longhouse would have been built for 6 – 10 families. With lots of artifacts around the longhouse, we could envision what it was like to cook, clean, sleep, and of course storytell in these beautiful and functional houses. 

And our storytelling experience was infused with a lot of education and passion with our host sharing two stories with us. Whether you choose a tour or a storytelling experience, a visit to the Ekionkiestha’ National Longhouse is an absolute must while staying in the Quebec City area. 

To learn more and plan your visit to Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations visit their website.

Traveler tip: Dress appropriately for each activity you take part in at the hotel. For example, drinks in the lobby may be more casual, while I recommend you dress up nicer for dinner. When heading out to the longhouse be sure to layer up and dress extra warm. While there is a propane fire out there I was grateful to have dressed with boots, gloves, and a toque!

20. Get Enchanted & Educated at Onhwa’ Lumina

a lighted archway in the forest during the onhwa lumina experience, a great things to do in Quebec City in the winter

Another unique activity worth investing in is the Wendat-inspired and infused Onhwa’ Lumina experience. Created in collaboration with the Wendat nation, Onhwa’ Lumina is a multimedia light show that walks you through the forest telling stories of the Wendat people of the past, present, and future. I truly felt their connection with the land and their passion to protect their culture for future generations. 

Traveler tip: This is an all-weather outdoor activity so be sure to dress warm. If you’re traveling with kids I recommend bringing a warm drink for your walk to keep them toasty from the inside out! And don’t forget your camera, there are a lot of magical moments worth capturing.

Where To Eat In Quebec City

21. Eat Poutine!

close up photo of poutine in a bowl, sitting on a blue table

A trip to Quebec City wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the Canadian classic that is poutine. Imagine fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds, the perfect warm and toasty treat on a cold winter day. Poutine is sold at many places throughout Quebec City with Chez Ashtons coming highly recommended.

22. Bistro Le Sam

inside view of the table and bar of the Bistro Le Sam restaurant in quebec city

If you’re wondering where your first restaurant visit in Quebec City should be I highly recommend Bistro Le Sam. Located in the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, overlooking Old Town and the St. Lawrence River, this restaurant gives you the essence of luxury dining in an idyllic location that makes for the perfect first stop. Pair that with first-class food, eloquent designs, and personalized service and you’ll fall in love with this restaurant like I did.

23. Don Vegan

To add to my opening paragraphs boasting about Don Vegan (and how I can’t wait to return), this restaurant boasts the title of Quebec City’s first 100% vegan restaurant. When I travel I try to eat vegan as much as possible, explore new ways to eat vegan meals, and eat healthier when I’m on the road. Don Vegan has a comfort menu filled with wholesome food that warms you up and fuels you to the soul. I love their fancy mocktail menu and how well they paired with our meals. As they say on their website, “Give us the opportunity to tantalize your taste buds. You’ll be coming back for more…guaranteed!”

Where to Stay In Quebec City

24. Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

When you google Fairmont Le Château Frontenac you’ll find words like unparalleled, unforgettable, and legendary used to describe the incredible property. After seeing it in person for the first time in February 2020, I knew I had to come back and even framed a photo of it in my office, dreaming of the time I’d be able to stay. Well, 2024 was the year and I can say that my stay exceeded every expectation. From the personalized customer experience to the luxury stay to the location and vibe of the overall property, I too can now use those descriptive words without hesitation.

The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is the most luxurious stay in the heart of Quebec City, with the location being one of the biggest benefits. Right on top of the promontory overlooking Old Quebec, you can head down the funicular from the front steps of the hotel, head over to the Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site, or stroll the streets of Quebec. There’s just so much to do steps from the front door. 

Be sure to take a tour when you stay at the hotel so you can learn about the property’s history, see the full facility, and maybe even check out some of the famous rooms including the themed suites that are designed after Queen Elizabeth ll as well as Celine Dion, or as we toured, the Grace De Monaco suite (pictured above).

Book your stay at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac here!

25. Monastère des Augustines

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly wellness-based retreat in Quebec City, the transformed Monastère des Augustines is the perfect fit. For nearly 400 years the monastery has been a haven for caregiving and they recently underwent a 42 million dollar transformation and is now a hotel and wellness retreat centre. Rooted in their history you can see artifacts and hear stories from the past while walking the halls of the monastery. Guests can enjoy a variety of wellness experiences including healthy food, programming including yoga, meditation, massage, and workshops. I was interested in their passion for the environment as they are leaders in regenerative tourism in Quebec City. “The importance of putting sustainable development at the heart of our decisions is rooted in our intention to pass on the Augustinian heritage to future generations. Indeed, the very nature of Le Monastère is to ensure the continuity of this community’s tangible and intangible heritage.”

Book your stay at Monastère des Augustines here!

26. Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations

If you’re looking to stay at one of the best Indigenous-owned and operated hotels in Canada, book a stay at Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations. This four-star luxury experience exceeded my expectations in every way. I think what I found the most inspiring was how they mixed the modern innovative design but kept the roots of the Indigenous culture firmly interwoven into every element of the guest experience. This is a truly unique experience and one that I highly recommend that you add to your stay while visiting Quebec City.

Book your stay at Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations here!

FAQs about Things To Do In Quebec City In The Winter

Is Quebec City worth visiting in the winter?

Hands down, without a doubt, one hundred and fifty percent… YES! There are so many uniquely Quebec experiences waiting for you that after one visit you’ll be hooked and have a new love for Winter as well as this beautiful city.

How should I dress for Quebec City in Winter?

When planning your trip be sure to think in layers! This includes: 

  • Base layer (not cotton) that wicks away the sweat
  • Warm layer – fleece and cozy 
  • Outer layer – Windproof and winter-rated jacket and pants 
  • Two layers of socks 
  • Toque, Gloves/mittens, and warm boots 

How many days do you need in Quebec City?

I would recommend a minimum of four days in Quebec City, but to be honest I’ve done two, and four, and every time I leave I’m left wanting more. I guess that’s a great thing as it means I get to plan another trip back!

Does Quebec City get a lot of snow?

Quebec City is one of the top ten cities for snowfall in the world getting an average of 124 inches per year! The snow adds to the atmosphere that makes the city so special, and on both of my trips, I was greeted with a fresh dusting of snow, making for perfect pictures and snow-filled adventures.

How cold does it get in Quebec City in the winter?

Quebec City is a Canadian winter city and with that comes some cooler temperatures, with some winters seeing -40C. I’ve visited both during a cold snap when it was -30C out as well as when it was a warm winter day where the temperature hovered around -5C, and while the warmer was a bit more enjoyable the cold days didn’t scare us off from heading out into the city. The key is to be dressed warm and plan a route that will allow you to stop at warming places should you need to adjust your gear or warm your toes. The city has lots of great shops, restaurants, and cafes, and during Carnaval they have actual warming huts for you to hang out in. 

In conclusion, Quebec City in the winter is truly a bucket list destination that while you may only plan to visit once, it’ll steal your heart like it did mine and have you planning a return trip before you’ve even left the city. With so much to explore, so much history to discover, and a vibrant culture and community that will embrace you, it is a Canadian city unlike no other. 

Do you have a recommendation for something you’d like to see us include on this list? We’re always looking for great recommendations so I invite you to reach out and let me know so we can help other travelers out!

Here are Some Great Articles to Inspire Quebec Travels

Is this a sponsored post? Yes, however our words reflect our experience and we’re excited to share Quebec City with you!

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