Dear British Columbia,

You know how much I love you. You are the backdrop to many of our adventures. From your mountains to your beaches, you let us play within your natural beauty all through the year. You are first-class. But I’ve discovered something you are missing—a type of thrill-seeking, family fun, winter wonderland adventure. Nowhere do you have a snow-tubing destination like what we experienced snow-tubing in Montreal at Les Super Glissades St-Jean-de-Matha. And—if I were you—I would work to remedy that immediately. 

Until that happens, I consider it my duty to inform you that I will be telling everyone to pack up their suitcases and head to Quebec for a snow-tubing experience they will not soon forget.


Jami Savage—Adventure Awaits

Les Super Glissades St-Jean-de-Matha

Board of track difficulty for snow tubing Montreal

In the Lanaudière region of Quebec there is a tube-sliding park like no other tube-sliding park I have seen. Situated an hour and twenty minutes North of Montreal, Les Super Glissades has been providing an exhilarating snow-tubing experience for over 25 years. Their 29 tracks range in length from 400 to 1200 feet and range in difficulty from “I can slide this with my littlest of littles” to “Weak knees? Keep Off!”. Whether you stick to the snow-tubing section or channel your inner thrill-seeker in the snow-rafting section, this family friendly park is guaranteed to please the children… and the inner-child in you.

Snow Tubing

Child pulling a two person snow tube at a snow tubing park Montreal

The snow tubing section of the park has 17 tracks aptly labelled 1-17. As the numbers increase so does the level of difficulty (read: don’t start at number 17). The mechanical lifts are a mom’s dream because—as we all know—a few walking trips up a tube hill leads to, what I like to refer to as, MAM: Mid-Activity Meltdowns. 

You can ride the slides solo or with friends in a double or quad tube—for fun, not because you need the moral support or a hand to hold or anything. And if these slides aren’t enough to get your adrenaline pumping—and you’re at least 4’1” tall—you can level up and check out the second slope at Les Super Glissades: Snow rafting.

Snow Rafting

We levelled up. We walked into the snow rafting section and in front of us were the biggest, craziest tubes we have ever seen—tubes that hold 4 to 12 people. Group riding is often not allowed at snow-tubing parks but here, in the rafting area, it is mandatory. A minimum of 4 or 6 riders is required depending on the tube and the track you choose. But be sure to select your group wisely because some of these tracks can run faster than 100km/h! It is an amazing and incredibly fast downhill experience.

Like the tubing section, there are mechanical lifts to help get everyone up the hill. Both sections also illuminate their tracks on certain days of the week for a night-tubing experience.

Meet Bouncy

Bouncy the polar bear mascot for Snow Tubing Montreal

Is an adventure park truly complete without a mascot?  Bouncy is the resident polar bear at Les Super Glissades. He is always good for a photo and, of course, a bear hug! Find him wandering his way through the park—if that is you can you spot him against the white snow.

Best of the Rest

Snow Tubing track in Montreal

Snow tubing isn’t all you will find at Les Super Glissades. New this year, an inflatable park full of bouncy castles is a great way to keep the kids occupied if they are finished on the slides. You will also find cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails on site—with rentals available—and horse-drawn sleigh rides.

Mom-Tips to Make the Most of Snow Tubing Montreal

We’d lost track of how many slides we had done when we noticed the school busses pull in. Though the lineups remained manageable—they can move a lot of people through with thousands of tubes available—it was a good reminder that our early-riser status usually pays off. 

So, mom-tips:

1.Get there early. As with any activity, it’s always nice to beat the crowds. If you can get on on the hill for opening, you will have shorter line-ups and spend more time fuelling up your adrenaline in the tubes.
2. Layer-up! And when you think you’re ready, add one more layer. When you start gaining speed down the hills, you don’t want any bare skin showing. I recommend balaclavas, or neckwarmers pulled up with goggles or sunglasses. Head-to-toe coverage is the goal.
3. Minimal Filming Allowed. This destination restricts filming and photo taking in certain areas (such as on the slides) for safety reasons. Take it as an opportunity to soak the experience into your memory and immerse yourself in the present.
4. Rent a locker. It cost us $3 to be hands free. Totally worth it.
5. Bathroom break. “I have to pee” are the four words no parent wants to hear when you are half-way up a hill in a snow tube, layered up in winter clothes. Always make a bathroom stop before you head up for your first ride.
6. Snacks, snacks and more snacks. Even with lifts to pull us up the big hills, we were moving all day long. By the time we finished our last slide we were starving. Without food I can confidently say that someone would have ended up in a fit of hunger induced tears on the drive home.
7. Buy discounted tickets online. Daily tickets and seasons passes can be purchased online. Buy in advance—at least one day prior—to recieve a discounted price.

A Whole New World of Tubing

Les Super Glissades truly opened our eyes to a whole new level of snow-tubing. This thrilling adventure is definitely one to add to your Quebec itinerary. You will leave exhausted but adrenaline-fuelled having made a ton of lasting memories.

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Is this a sponsored post?: Yes while our time snow tubing in Montreal is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are our own.