Your Guide To Black Rock Oceanfront Resort Ucluelet – A Nature Experience Like No Other

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If there ever was a resort that has stalked me on Instagram, it was the Black Rock Resort Ucluelet. Okay, let’s be honest, I was the one doing the stalking, the drooling, and the dreaming of getting my family to the cliffside resort for a Ucluelet holiday.cliff-side-resort

Disclaimer: While I share my own thoughts and stories about these experiences, should you click on the affiliate links, I may receive a small commission on that sale which helps fund Adventure Awaits.

The Black Rock Resort Ucluelet

front entrance of the black rock resort ucluelet
Photo Credit: Destination BC

The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort is a magnificent combination of architecture and nature combined. Designed to be interwoven with the dramatic and wild West Coast, the hotel mingles with its natural surroundings seamlessly. Set upon the iconic black cliffs of Ucluelet, the building wraps itself around the rocks and appears to have been grown out of the ocean and trees, as if Mother Nature built it herself.

As a visitor, you become part of the coast and one with the land as you experience the sensations of the ocean from inside and outside of the hotel.

Where is Black Rock Resort?

aerial view of the black rock oceanfront resort
Photo Credit: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

Black Rock Resort is located on the stunningly beautiful central coast of British Columbia in the cute coastline town of Ucluelet. Boasting some of the most picturesque views in the area, the resort is situated overlooking the rugged shores of a big beach giving you a front-row view of breathtaking sunsets and panoramic ocean views.

How close is Black Rock Resort to downtown Ucuclet?

Black Rock Resort is about a 12-minute walk into downtown Ucluelet. Be sure to keep an eye out for deer and bunnies on your walk as they are often seen feeding along the walking paths into town.

How far is Black Rock Resort from Tofino?

Black Rock Resort is 40.7 kilometres from Tofino, which will take you about 35 minutes to drive. This makes Tofino the perfect day trip, as the drive to Tofino offers a lot of places to stop and hike along the way, as well as viewpoints to stop and explore. Once you’re in Tofino you’ll have a lot of restaurants and shops to explore as well as an active marine and coastline to seek out and visit.

Book your stay at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet, BC here!

Black Rock Resort Ucluelet Roomscouch-fireplace-living-room

As soon as you open the door to your room, you’re overwhelmed by the combination of the exterior view and the interior luxury. The floor-to-ceiling windows welcome you outdoors where your deck makes you feel like you’re hanging over an ocean cliff. The forest walls give you ample fresh air to breathe and the sound of the ocean hitting the shore can be so soothing that it’s worth leaving the doors open at night so you can fall asleep to the ocean waves.

Studio Suites

bed and couch area inside a studio suite at the black rock resort ucluelet
Photo Credit: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

Perfect for 2 people, your suite will welcome you to the West Coast for your cozy getaway. Suites are situated along the temperate rainforest, offering you partial views of the rainforest and ocean, or you can opt for an ocean view suite overlooking the bay and rocky coastline. There’s nothing more magical than waking up overlooking the beach!

One Bedroom Suites

bed and small sitting area inside a one bedroom suite at the black rock resort ucluelet
Photo Credit: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

For those travelling with more than two people, the one-bedroom suites are a great fit. With a separate bedroom with a king bed and a pull-out couch in the living room, these large suites are great for 3 or 4 people.

Signature Suites

kitchen and dining area inside a room at the black rock oceanfront resort
Photo Credit: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

Our family was welcomed into a one-bedroom signature suite for our stay, allowing my husband and I to share the oceanfront king bedroom while the kids crashed on the pull-out couch. Perfect for four people, the suite provided us with a separate living room, dining room, and full kitchen that provided us with ample room to spread out, enjoy the view, and play board games late into the night.

Adjoining Suites

bed overlooking a large window, outside are trees and the beach of ucluelet
Photo Credit: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

If you’re doing a girl’s trip or just want more space to spread out, the adjoining suites at Black Rock Resort Ucluelet are the perfect accommodations for you. Suitable for up to 6 people, a studio lodge suite features a king-size bed and a kitchenette that adjoins the one-bedroom lodge suite. Bring the whole family and create an incredible experience in one of the adjoining suites!

Does Black Rock Oceanfront Resort have any great views?

When you stay at Black Rock Resort you become a part of the scenery, as the hotel intermingles with the coastline seamlessly. Whether you’re in your bed looking out over the coastline, or walking through the trees out onto the beach, the views are remarkable in every direction. Here are just a few pictures to show you what you can expect during a stay:

a couple stand on a lookout point at the black rock resort ucluelet overlooking a misty and stormy ocean
Photo Credit: Destination BC
lighthouse in ucluelet during sunset
Photo Credit: Destination BC
woman standing on the rocks doing yoga beside the black rock resort ucluelet
woman walking down a gravel path towards a bench that overlooks the ocean from black rock resort ucluelet

Black Rock Oceanfront Resort Pool


Does Black Rock Resort have a pool?

After we got over the initial shock of our room, the kids quickly spotted the hot tubs and plunge pool and within minutes had us heading downstairs to check it out. The hot tubs are perched on the edge of the resort, allowing you to soak in 180-degree views of the ocean and the big black rocks that permeate out of them.

hot tub sitting on the edge of the ocean at the black rock resort ucluelet
Photo Credit: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

The plunge pool is open seasonally, so be sure to book your stay during the summer months if being able to play in the plunge pool is important to you.

Does Black Rock have a gym?


Black Rock Oceanfront Resort gym welcomes guests to exercise in its well-equipped fitness centre. Morning workouts are always a great way to start the day, but working out right next to the ocean and finishing off with a dip in the seaside spa? Magical! 

The Black Rock Resort gym invites you to a unique west coast exercise experience where you can run on a treadmill while overlooking the ocean, lift weights on their well-maintained and modern equipment, or stretch out on their yoga mats and supportive equipment. 

When you’re done with your work out you can shower up and head out to the hot tubs, where the sounds of the spa bubbles intermix with the splashing waves next to you on the beach. Access to the Back Rock Resort Gym is complimentary to guests.

Black Rock Resort Restaurantstable-in-restaurant

Whether you’re looking for appies after a day of adventure or want an intimate dinner with your family, the hotel boasts two restaurants to choose from to suit your needs. From serving local food and drinks to bringing in local entertainment to showcasing an amazing view from your dinner table, be sure to visit the restaurants a couple of times on your visit!

Big Beach Lounge

two hands reaching for food on charcuterie boards at the lounge at the black rock oceanfront resort
Photo Credit: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

A more casual lounge experience awaits you with an anything-but-casual view. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook Big Beach, perfect for chasing sunsets and storm-watching. Cuddle into your seat or lounge chair while watching the waves crash into the beach. Speaking of waves, over the bar is a large glass architecturally stunning masterpiece that emulates the ferocity of an ocean wave crashing down on the beach. 

The atmosphere combined with the incredible food is what always has me visiting Big Beach Lounge more than once when I’m in Ucluelet. The locally sourced food offers some of the best meals I have ever eaten. Their grilled chicken is unbelievable. When paired with some of their custom cocktails, like the Sparkmouth Mocktail… well it’s the perfect way to wind down after a busy day of adventuring in the area! 

Big Beach also has live music on Thursdays and Saturday nights, showcasing local artists and great music. I recommend going early or putting your name down and planning to come back 30 – 40 minutes later during peak times as there can be a bit of a wait (for example on Saturday nights).

Currents Restaurant at Black Rock Resort Ucluelet

dining room at the currents restaurant at the black rock resort ucluelet
Photo Credit: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

For those looking for a more intimate dining experience, Currents Restaurant invites you to come in and enjoy a divine West Coast dining experience. For breakfast and lunch, you can enjoy a meal outside on the patio, putting you front row overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean and the Wild Pacific Trail. 

Dinners are more intimate, inviting you to enjoy a slow and purposeful meal while dining on locally sourced cuisine. Perfect for long conversations surrounded by stunning scenery, Currents restaurant is there to welcome you in for a while, to enjoy your meal and the experience, and to soak in the sensations of the surrounding sea.

Black Rock Spa

As if the resort couldn’t get any more relaxing, guests are invited to book an experience at  Drift Spa for treatments such as facials, massages, and more. The spa was the talk amongst the ladies in the hot tubs and guests had mentioned coming back year after year, especially for the spa treatments! 

two massage tables in front of a window overlooking the ocean at the black rock resort ucluelet
Photo Credit: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

Drift Spa is an award-winning spa, with a wide array of services willing you to “transcend into a realm of calm and balance in a spa sanctuary where nature’s beautify and innovative luxury rejuvenate your soul.” Guests are invited to elevate your sense of wellness as you revitalize, renew and “drift away” to luxurious tranquillity.

The Black Rock Spa menu includes facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, hydrotherapy, scrubs, wraps, soaks, hot stone massages, and more. To learn more visit their website

Traveller Tip: Book your spa stay when you book your hotel stay, the more in advance the better as it can get fully booked during busy periods such as weekends and peak season.

Book your stay at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet, BC here!

What To Do At Black Rock Resort Ucluelettour-desk-and-tv

While you never need to leave the tranquillity of the hotel, a trip to the West Coast wouldn’t be complete without partaking in some outdoor adventures to experience what life on the coast is really like. With a concierge in the lobby, you can book everything from kayaking to fishing, whale and bear watching, as well as local hikes and beaches to explore. Two of the adventures we are still swooning about were our surfing lessons and the hot spring adventure.

Go Beach Combing

The resort is wrapped with trails. On every side of the hotel, there are paths that lead down to the beach, perfect for exploring tidal pools, looking for sea glass, or reading a book on the beach while the kids play. If you’re looking for unscheduled play and unlimited adventures, just head down to the beach!

Explore The Wild Pacific Trail

woman at a lookout point on the wild pacific trail near black rock resort ucluelet

The Wild Pacific Trail is an 8-kilometre trail that runs alongside the ocean in Ucluelet, with the trail wrapping itself right around the Black Rock Resort. The trail is divided into four sections, Lighthouse Loop, Big Beach (where the resort is), Brown’s Beach, and Ancient Cedars. Visitors will enjoy spectacular shoreline panoramas with 180-degree plus views as they traverse through old-growth forests, gigantic trees, fallen giants, lush green forests, and lookouts over the ocean to see the crashing waves. 

If you are visiting from February to May be sure to keep an eye on the shoreline and look out for migrating grey whales!

Explore The Town of Ucluelet

town of ucluelet

A 20-minute walk from the Black Rock Resort is the town of Ucluelet. Explore the town to find sea lions basking in the sun by the boat launch, visit the Ucluelet Aquarium, discover the wall art around town, walk around the harbour and look at all the fishing boats (and purchase some fresh seafood right off the boat!), and check out all the cute shops that line the main street in Ucluelet.

One of the best ways to see Ucluelet is from the water, so why not hop into a kayak for a tour? Book your Ucluelet Harbour Tour here!

Pacific Rim National Park

two red iconic parks canada chairs overlooking the incredible view in pacific rim national park
Photo Credit: Parks Canada

Pacific Rim National Park is an amazing place full of stunning scenery, exciting activities, and breathtaking wildlife, good reason to protect the area as a National Park! Located only 25 minutes from Black Rock Resort on the gorgeous west coast, the park offers something for every type of outdoor enthusiast. Visitors can take part in a variety of activities such as beach combing, surfing, dog walking, and sand castle building. If it’s your first visit to the park be sure to check out the Visitors Information Centre which has a phenomenal educational and activity centre that everyone will enjoy. If you’re into hiking there are numerous hiking trails to explore the rugged coastline and lush rainforest environments, there is no shortage of dramatic landscapes to discover. Whale watching is another popular activity at Pacific Rim, as orcas and gray whales can often be seen swimming gracefully alongside views of the misty coastline.

Surfing in Tofino

a family standing on the beach with a surf board as they get surf lessons With Tofino Surf School

If you’ve ever wanted to give surfing a try, Tofino is the perfect location to do so. We were welcomed to Cox Bay Beach for a private family surf lesson with the Tofino Surf School. With excellent instructors, all the needed gear and smiles on our faces, we were up on our boards and surfing in no time. Check out our surfing lesson experience here.

Day Trip To the Hot Springs

woman sitting in a tofino hot spring

If there ever was an adventure that felt like it was designed just for me, this was it. A morning on the ocean, a hike to a hot spring, and an afternoon watching humpbacks, all in one day… can a visit to the West Coast get any better than this?

Bike Tours

Head into town and explore Ucluelet by pedal power! Either bring your own, book a guided e-bike tour or rent an e-bike and explore on your own. While the Wild Pacific Trail doesn’t allow bikes, there are many other trails and areas that do.

Black Rock’s Leadership in Sustainabilitylog-inside-hotel

Designated as an eco-friendly property from day one, Black Rock Resort continues to show its passion for sustainability, going greener every year! For the past two years, they have earned the Green rating – their highest recognition from the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective. They also earned a Gold Tier Partner in the Den’s Sustainable and Circular Accommodation Program. Since 2021 Black Rock Resort is now working towards becoming a zero-waste model hotel! These significant efforts to reduce their environmental impact by promoting sustainable practices in place for their team and welcomes their guests to embrace this philosophy in many ways.

How to be the best eco-conscious guest at Black Rock Resort: 

  • As soon as you check in, you’re given the opportunity to decline housekeeping. Every night you opt out of cleaning service, Black Rock Resort will plant 5 kelp! This partnership with Veritree helps support the planting of kept off the Pacific Coast of BC, helping reduce carbon, and supporting ecosystems, and biodiversity. Refusing room service also reduces energy expenditure as well as saves water! To learn more about Black Rock Resort and its guests’ impact, click here.
  • Recycle  – use the recycling bins in your room for plastics, paper, tin cans, and glass. 
  • Bring your own water bottle and refill it with tap water over purchasing water bottles. 
  • Shop at Forage, Black Rock Resorts store. There you won’t find any single-use plastics, and all of the products are sourced locally, showcasing the work of local artists and crafters. 
  • Eat at one of Black Rock Resorts’ restaurants, a Surf Rider and Oceanwise business. 

Mom Tips For The Perfect Family Trip to Black Rock Resort Ucluelet:

  • Book a room with a suite or a kitchen, allowing you to always be able to feed the littles when they need a last-second meal.
  • Bring a friend or another family! With various accommodation options, you can get an adjoining room and bring a bigger group on the holiday! (perfect for multigenerational families).
  • Buy a new board game and save it for some family time. We bought a card game that was the perfect way to have some family fun out on the deck!
  • Bring an extra bathing suit, we loved the convenience of being able to go in and out of the hot tub and often went twice a day!
  • Make time for the spa! I was so busy planning my family activities that I forgot to plan one for myself! Learn from my mistake and book yourself in for a special treatment or two!
  • Be ready to relax – This hotel has everything allowing Mom the break you need so you can rest up and rejuvenate.

Black Rock Resort FAQs

aerial and side view of the black rock resort ucluelet with the ocean in the background
Photo Credit: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

Are Pets Allowed At Black Rock Resort?

Black Rock Resort is “Pawsitively Pet Friendly” inviting you to bring your whole family to a Ucluelet getaway. With pet-friendly suites, your pooch will be welcome to join the family for a $50 fee per stay. Puppies will enjoy the big beach, and the many hikes, and the concierge is here to help you plan the best routes for you and your dog. Remember to be a good pet owner and keep them on a leash at all times, don’t leave them alone in the suite if possible, and be sure to pick up after our dog.

How much is it to stay at Black Rock Resort?

The Black Rock Resort Ucluelet is a luxury experience that comes with an average price of $300 CAD per night. This can vary based on peak season (expect to be closer to $400 per night in the summer) and during the off-season, you may see prices dip a bit more. If you’re looking for a deal look for off-season or weekday stays.

When was Black Rock Resort built?

Black Rock opened in January 2009, with 133 suites overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The luxury resort was designed to mould around the black rocks on which it sits, making it perfect for summer strolls or stormy weather watching!

Can I buy a Black Rock Resort Gift Card?

Yes, gift cards are available for purchase, click here for more information.

What Restaurants Are Near Black Rock Resort?

a couple stand in front of pluvio restaurant in ucluelet
Photo Credit: Destination BC

The town of Ucluelet is a 12 – 14 minute walk from the Black Rock Resort.  There you will find a plethora of 20 + restaurants, eateries, shops, and treats, ready to welcome you. Here are some of my favourites: 

  • Abbondanza Wood-Fired Pizza
  • Cap n Hook Shop
  • Cedar Grill
  • Eagles Nest Pub
  • Far West Foods
  • Floathouse Patio Grill 
  • Foggy Bean Coffee
  • Frankies Resto-bar 
  • Gray Whale Ice Cream & Delicatessen 
  • Heartwood Kitchen 
  • Howlers Family Restaurant
  • Jiggers Fish and Chips
  • Lil’ Ronnies Beachside BBQ 
  • Naas Foods 
  • Pluvio Restaurant
  • Seom
  • Ukee Seafood and Fish Pak 
  • West Coast Salty Buns
  • Yayu Cafe 
  • Shipwreck Pizza
  • Thay Tea
  • The Barkley Cafe 
  • The Blue Room 
  • Ukee Dogs and Taqueria 
  • Ukee Scoops

Be sure to check their websites and opening times if you are visiting during the off-season, as for example some take extended breaks during the winter months and may be closed.

Click here to check out our feature video showcasing the resort!

Book your stay at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet, BC here!

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Sponsored Post: While we were invited to stay at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, the words and the photos are our own and a true reflection of our experience.

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