Black Rock Oceanfront Resort – A Resort Built By Mother Nature Herself

If there ever was a resort that has stalked me on Instagram, it was the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort. Okay, let’s be honest, I was the one doing the stalking, and the drooling, and the dreaming of getting my family to the cliff side resort for a Ucluelet holiday.cliff-side-resort

The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort is a magnificent combination of architecture and nature combined. Designed with its natural surroundings in focus including the iconic black cliffs of Ucluelet, the building wraps itself around the rocks and appears to have been grown out of the ocean and trees, as if as if Mother Nature built it herself.
As a visitor, you become part of the coast and you experience the sensations of the ocean with each breath.

Rooms That Make You Swooncouch-fireplace-living-room

As soon as you open the door to your room, you’re overwhelmed with the combination of the exterior view and the interior luxury. The floor to ceiling windows welcome you outdoors where your deck makes you feel like you’re hanging over the edge of the ocean. The forest walls give you ample fresh air to breathe and the sound of the ocean hitting the shore can be so soothing that it’s worth leaving the doors open at night so you can fall asleep to the ocean waves.

Seaside Spassea-side-spa-set-in-trees

After we got over the initial shock of our room, the kids quickly spotted the hot tubs and splash pool and within minutes had us heading downstairs to check it out. The hot tubs are perched on the edge of the resort, allowing you to soak in 180 degree views of the ocean and the big black rocks that permeate out of them.

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Basecamp For Adventuretour-desk-and-tv

While you never need to leave the tranquility of the hotel, a trip to the West coast wouldn’t be complete without partaking in some outdoor adventures to experience what life on the coast is really like. With a concierge in the lobby, you can book everything from kayaking to fishing, whale and bear watching, as well as local hikes and beaches to explore. Two of the adventures that we are still swooning about were our surfing lessons and hot spring adventure.

Beachside Living

The resort is wrapped with trails. On every side of the hotel there are paths that lead down to the beach, perfect for exploring tidal pools, looking for sea glass, or reading a book on the beach while the kids play.

Luxury Restaurantstable-in-restaurant

Whether you’re looking for appies after a day of adventure or wanting an intimate dinner with your family, the hotel boasts two restaurants to choose from to suit your needs. From serving local food and drinks, to bringing in local entertainment, to showcasing an amazing view from your dinner table, be sure to visit the restaurants a couple of times on your visit!

Morning Workoutswork-out-equipment-in-gym

I’ve spent a lot of time working out in gyms and Black Rock Oceanfront Resort’s may be my favorite yet. Set right next to the hot tubs, a run on the treadmill lets you look out over the ocean. The rest of the gym is well stocked with up to date, quality equipment. It makes working out away from home easier than ever!

Green and Sustainable Commitmentlog-inside-hotel

As soon as you check in, you’re given the opportunity to decline housekeeping. In exchange for this you’ll receive a $5 discount for food and beverages at one of the two hotel restaurants. It’s just one way that the hotel is putting conservation on the top of their priority list. This program is combined with many others including recycling programs, local food sourcing, naturally derived products and more. As their website states, “The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort Green Committee manage our sustainability efforts and develop its institutional capacity around sustainability.” With a resort inter connected so close with its environment it’s clear that they are dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment around it.   

Spa Escape

As if the resort couldn’t get anymore relaxing, they’ve invited guests to the spa for treatments such as facials, massages, and more. The spa was the talk amongst the ladies in the hot tubs and guests had mentioned coming back year after year especially for the spa treatments! I will definitely have to check that out on our next trip back!

Mom Tips For The Perfect Family Trip:

  • Book a room with a suite or a kitchen, allowing you to always be able to feed the littles when they need a last second meal.
  • Bring a friend or another family! With a variety of accommodation options, you can get an adjoining room and bring a bigger group on the holiday! (Perfect for multigenerational families)
  • Buy a new board game and save it for some family time. We bought a card game that was the perfect way to have some family fun out on the deck!
  • Bring an extra bathing suit, we loved the convenience of being able to go in and out of the hot tub and often went twice a day!
  • Make time for the spa! I was so busy planning my family activities that I forgot to plan one for myself! Learn from my mistake and book yourself in for a spea treatment or two!
  • Be ready to relax – This hotel has everything allowing Mom the break you need so you can rest up and rejuvenate.


Check out our feature video showcasing the resort:

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Sponsorship note: While we were invited to stay at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, the words and the photos are our own and a true reflection of our experience.


Jami Savage
Jami Savage
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