All work and no play makes for not a very fun day! So when I travel for work I take every chance I can to explore the city that I’m visiting. Tourism Victoria welcomed us with open arms once again as we asked the question, what’s the best way to work hard and play hard in Victoria?

While our official business wasn’t until the next day we decided to take advantage of the city and head over the day before. After settling into Chateau Victoria we headed off to Wildplay Victoria.

I had heard of Wildplay before but never had the opportunity to explore one of their parks. Wildplay is an adventure park full of challenges that will test you both physically and mentally. Whether you’re ziplining through the trees, traversing a tight rope, or jumping into the abyss, the course gets more and more challenging and fun with every step.

After signing off our lives and posing for a few promotional photos we were off to orientation in the trees!


The staff were great at teaching us how to tie off, be safe, tie off again, and then be safer. The reality was that we would soon be 40 feet in the air dangling from a rope and it was somewhat important that our safety harnesses be latched on properly! After we proved our new skills it was time to hit the course!


The course starts off easy as you climb up a ladder about 12 feet into the air and test your skills on a short zipline. From there every obstacle gets a little more challenging as you crawl higher and higher into the trees.

I loved the variety of the challenges, whether it be jumping over logs, Tarzan swings, monkey bars 40 feet in the air, or rope crawls, this course had a ton of variety to keep your mind and body challenged.


I love that they have such a great sense of humour… oh wait, this could actually easily happen:


I can’t wait to check out Wildplay Victoria again. They have a variety of locations and each one boasts its own challenges… Whether it be bungee jumping, gigantic swings, or lateral drops, each one will literally push you out of your comfort zone! They also have great kids courses which I think would be a neat birthday party or special event… any chance to get kids in the forest sounds good to me!

For more information about Wildplay check out their website at:

After our adventure we headed to our “home away from home” at Chateau Victoria… the perfect place to rest and rejuvenate after our adventure in the treetops!