Helping and Haunting at the Haunted House Langley

Do you love Halloween? The crisp fall air, crunchy leaves on the ground, plus all the witches, ghosts, superheroes and other creatures running around. Not to mention all the candy and trick or treating! But do you really LOVE Halloween?

The Lenko and Scott families in the Yorkson area of Langley, BC loves Halloween so much that they have been transforming their house into quite the haunted house Langley event for over 7 years.

Why do they do it you may ask? Well it’s all in the name of community!

“We live in an amazing community that surrounds Lynn Fripps Elementary and the looks of enjoyment on the kids’ faces – and the parents too – is why we do this. It brings everyone in the community together. We started with just a few decorations in the front yard in 2012 and it’s grown from there. Every year we add a little something new.”

Known as the Willoughby Slumber Yard & Haunted House, this family is truely helping by haunting!

front yard decoration at haunted house langley
skeleton bride and groom at haunted house langley

Their front yard features a graveyard scene, complete with a life size skeleton in a wooden coffin, Helga the Witch mixing potions in a giant cauldron that bubbles with dry ice, multiple entertaining skeletons and a couple on the front porch who are just “dying” to get married!

I was in awe to learn that the wooden decor in the front yard, was all designed, constructed and finished by one of the residents himself!

danger sign inside the haunted house langley
witch inside the haunted house langley

And if you think the front yard is amazing, the real treat lies within the garage of the house. Inside hides the haunted house Langley! That’s right, they transform their garage into a walk through maze full of spiders, bugs, skeletons, a talking witch, Frankstein keeping a watch on those that visit, a hallway of bones and even an electric chair (perfect for Instagram selfies…and bad children!).

Mom Tip: This is definitely a family-friendly haunted house, as there isn’t anyone or anything that jumps out at you. It is dark inside and many things make noise and have lights on them. Some younger children might not like it, so I suggest parents taking a walk through first to gauge whether or not their children will be okay with it.

large light up sign with pumpkin face at haunted house langley

And when the sun goes down, even more fun begins when the music and light show turns on. The whole house is covered with LED lights that are timed to spooky haunted sounds and enchanting Halloween tunes. Enjoy a dance party as you and your kids boogie to The Monster Mash and This is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie.

family standing outside haunted garage at haunted house langley with food bank donations
The Lenko and Scott Family with the food bank donations they collected in 2018.

Now not only does the family spend over a month working on their displays so that their community can enjoy some haunted festive fun, but they also collect food donations for the Langley Sources Food Bank.

“Visitors were often asking if we charged an entrance fee to come through the haunted house Langley and view our displays. They were shocked to hear when we told them no and it was free to enjoy. On neighbour suggested we collect food donations instead. So we figured it was a wonderful idea because it meant we could all work together and help our whole community give back even more.”

Last year they helped collect over 250 lbs. of food and are hoping to surpass that amount this year.

I encourage you to go visit with your family this Halloween season and don’t forget to bring a non-perishable food item to donate. Together we can all help our local Langley community! The display in the front yard is available for viewing throughout the month of October, but if you want to visit inside the haunted house, be sure to visit during their opening hours. They are located at 8156 211 Street, Langley, BC. For more information and for the haunted house hours visit the Willoughby Slumber Yard and Haunted House Facebook page.

Do you know of any other family-friendly Halloween activities in the Lower Mainland? Share them in the comments!

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Is this a sponsored post?: No, this is not a sponsored post. We love what this family is doing for their community and wanted to share a feel good story with our followers.


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Jami Savage
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