Meeting the Nui, a Family Sized Paddle Board, at Heffley Lake Paddle Board Rentals

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Hawaiian for “Big” we stood at the end of the dock and looked out on what was by far the biggest stand up paddle board we had ever seen.

Standing 15 feet tall and 4 feet wide the Nui board was designed by Bodie Shando, owner of Paddle Surfit, Heffley Lake paddle board rentals. Bodie wanted to help solve the problems families face when they want to get into paddle boarding. This large board gives a stable surface for families to all go out on the water and explore the lake with. The little’s can crawl around the deck without tipping over the whole board and parents can paddle and keep the tour moving while enjoying the beautiful scenery. We were excited to jump on board and head out on our own Nui experience!

All Aboard

Jami Savage and children on a paddle board from Heffley Lake paddle board rentalsAfter a safety orientation, it was time to get low and slowly make our way onto the board. While it was a very stable board, it was still important to go low and slow while gaining our balance on the board. I was assigned the role of captain which gave me the best seat in the house (and the most paddling responsibilities!).

Balancing and Bouncing

Jami Savage on paddle board from Heffley Lake paddle board rentalsOne of the things we noticed right away was how much we had to react to everyone else’s movement on the board. Compared to typically SUPing you’re only worried about you and the waves! However, with the kids being wiggly I had to watch their movement and adjust accordingly.

Row Row Row Your Boat

Children on paddle board from Heffley Lake Paddle board rentalsWe got out on the water and started to get a bit of a rhythm going, with everyone figuring out how and where to paddle without bumping into one another!

Beautiful Heffley Lake

Floatplane on Heffley LakeThe lake offers areas with crystal clear views of the bottom. The water is so warm that it practically begs you to jump in! While we were visiting on a smokey summer day we still had a wonderful time exploring the lake and will definitely be going back!

Wildlife Watching

Lily pads on Heffley LakeWe were on the lookout for turtles and birds in the protected bay. We spent time floating in between the logs and the lily pads looking for any creatures. We’re told they love to come out on hot days and sun themselves. We were not fortunate enough to see any which means we will just have to come back!

House Hunting

Cabin on Heffley LakeWhenever I’m in cabin country I like to look at all the hillside houses and dream about having one as my own recreational retreat. We saw docks that had slides off the back, ones that had boats and floaty toys, and even a seaplane (or in their case lake plane?) I love seeing how other people live when we travel!

Tuckered Kids

Children laying down on paddle board from Heffley Lake paddle board rentalsAfter about an hour of paddling my kids were wanting a break, so they took one! It was great that they could lay back and I could paddle them around the lake!

For younger families or those looking for a fun group activities I highly recommend the Nui rental with Paddle Surfit. This gives you an opportunity to be out on the water but have a more stable experience with your little kids while they learn the ropes. You can also rent normal SUP’s so that if you have a bigger group you can take out a variety of boards. From learning how to paddle to jumping off the boards into the lake, an family day of SUPing is the perfect way to spend the day!

To learn more about Paddle Surfit Heffley Lake paddle board rentals, visit their website.

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Is this a sponsored post?: While we were graciously invited to experience our SUP adventure with Paddle Surf It Heffley Lake paddle board rentals, all of our thoughts and opinions are our own.

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