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Taking Flight To East Asia at FlyOver Canada Taiwan

So where is Taiwan Mom? My son asked as we stood in line at the FlyOver Canada Taiwan new Soar Over experience… Seeking out cultural experiences and exploring new lands is something that we often talk about, however, our daily lives, busy schedules, and never-ending to-do list often capitalize our good intentions and opportunities [...]

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Saying Yes to Adventure When It Is Much Easier to Say No

The e-mail showed up at the very end of May. Our family had an opportunity, three weeks later, to go to Tofino for two days and try surfing. It was the kind of all-expenses-paid-everything-planned-out-for-you invitation we could not refuse—but we almost did. Why? Well June is a busy month to take the kids out [...]

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Love Letter: Dear Team Savage,

Dear Team Savage, 2019 was quite a year. Banff. Nunavut. Tofino. Sault St Marie. A month in Australia. England. Wales. Kansas. Let’s just take a moment to soak in what that meant for us, for me: an adventure filled life, living a dream bigger than we ever could have imagined. Wow. Pinch me. Am [...]

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Children’s Wish Foundation Search for Santa – A Holiday Lesson From Chloe

The airplane’s intercom crackled. “Hey everyone! Did you hear that Rudolph got a bad report card?” Everyone on board shook their heads, and a few ‘No!’’s shouted out from the back. “Yeah, it’s true. He went down in History!” It was the first, and possibly the best, of many Christmas jokes that the flight [...]

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Big Pit National Coal Museum – Wales, United Kingdom

Digging Deep into My Family History at Big Pit Mine As my family and I, along with our ever-cheerful guide, crammed into the elevator, or ‘the cage’ as it is more accurately called, I had to swallow the rising panic in my throat. I may be a world traveller and adventurer, but I do have my [...]

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History, Romance, and Luxury at Roch Castle Hotel

Roch Castle Hotel Roch Castle Hotel, on the shores of St Brides Bay in St Davids Pembrokeshire, Wales, was built in 1195 AD. It’s hard for me, a new world Canadian, to fathom a structure so ancient. That is nearly three hundred years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Generations upon generations [...]

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How To Plan a Multi-Generational Genealogical Tour

I paused every time I heard the church bells at St John The Baptist Church ring. Laying in the comfort and luxury of my king size hotel bed I knew that the bells had been ringing long before this hotel had been around. That those bells signified a rich history with many years and hundreds [...]

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How To Have The Perfect Family Christmas

Create and Protect your own Family Traditions Family traditions are an important part of our culture and it’s in those traditions that we often share many special memories, and Christmas is one of those times. However if your family has traditions, such as obligations that stress you out or that you don’t truly enjoy, [...]

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Hilton Cardiff Hotel – Comfort, Convenience and a Castle!

“I think this will be the last time I enjoy my morning coffee while overlooking a castle” my mom gleamed. A little sad to say goodbye to her morning view from the executive level breakfast bar on the 7th floor. Waking up and enjoying breakfast served with a view of the Cardiff Castle was [...]

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FlyOver Canada – On a Broom?

The kids were spellbound, taking in every word and cackle as Broomelda, FlyOver Canada’s resident witch and headmistress of the Haunted Witches Academy, introduced herself during the pre-flight briefing video. As ghosts flew around the dimly lit, spookily decorated room, the younger kids clung a little tighter to their adults than usual. It’s [...]

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