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You look down at your toes, traces of mud have been kicked up and caked on the edge of your running shoes. Every footstep carefully placed on tree roots that have been there long before you were born. Majestic old growth trees cover you from the elements, the sun in the summer and the rain during every other season on the wet coast. By now you’re probably about 15 minutes into your hike, covered in a glow of sweat and breathing hard after tackling a few flights of stairs. You may have come for the view but you didn’t realize how beautiful the journey would be! 

Quarry Rock is one of Vancouver’s most Instagram-able hikes. Located in the Deep Cove area of North Vancouver, this hike welcomes both locals looking for a quick trail run as well as visitors looking for an easier hike. Beautiful bridges over meandering rivers, steep hikes up over roots as big as logs, and finally epic views over Deep Cove and Indian Arm, this is a hike for everyone to experience.

Quarry Rock Hike With Kids – The Details

The Trail

quarry-rock-trailhead-signThe trail to Quarry Rock is actually part of the larger Baden Powell Trail system. The trailhead can be found down Panorama Drive, just past the park area (where there is plenty of parking and washroom facilities). Look for the sign on the left side of the road and you will see the wooden and stone steps, this is the start of the trail. This popular trail is well marked and easy to follow as you’re guaranteed to see many other hikers on your way.

Your Quads are Calling

Quarry Rock 3This hike is a perfect hike for those looking to get a good workout in a short period of time. At only a 100 m elevation gain your quads will get a good workout but not be too challenged that you can’t keep going. Quarry Rock Hike With Kids is great because it’s got the perfect combination of challenging “steeps” and meandering walks through the forest allowing recovery.

The Scenery

scenery-on-quarry-rock-hikeBe sure to keep your head up and take in the forest around you. Hug a tree, there are many to be found that you won’t be able to get your arms around! The root systems have been exposed due to so much hiking making for amazing “floor art”. Be careful and watch every step as they make for tricky navigating. When it’s not too busy take in the birds, squirrels, and other locals that are known to frequent the area.

The View

kids-on-quarry-rockQuarry Rock is the quintessential definition of every beautiful picture you’ve ever seen. “Picture perfect”, “out of this world”, “looks like a postcard”… you’ll be saying it all! Be sure to bring your camera to capture the 180-degree view.

Take a Snack

hiking snacksThere’s nothing like taking a snack break overlooking the ocean… just be sure to keep your food to yourself (don’t feed the wildlife) and leave no trace of your visit to Quarry Rock (if you packed it in, pack it out!).

Stay Hydrated

Quarry Rock 5My kids carry their own water packs helping them be self-sufficient and well hydrated. 

Spring was the perfect time to hit this trail and was the perfect skill level of adventure for my teams little legs. And even though we had to take a few breaks, for the most part the kids tackled it with great speed and enthusiasm!

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