It’s Not the Little Things That Make the Trip, the Little Things ARE the Trip

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You book a family ski trip to Sun Peaks, smiling at the thought of your entire family flowing through 360 degrees of champagne powder. The car is packed with snowboards, and you’ve counted all of the gloves, boots, and balaclavas more than once. As a mom, you’re brimming with excitement, as you know you’ve struck gold. Not only does Sun Peaks boast ample terrain and powder, but with the ski-in, ski-out village and additional outdoor activities like skating and snowshoeing, you’ve got a recipe for the perfect ski weekend!

But here’s Sun Peaks’ biggest secret: The big things come with ease; it’s the little things that make for the magical experience.

The Squeals of Stealing Beds

boy-and-girl-looking-out-sun-peak-hotel-windowIt doesn’t matter how old you are…the excitement of opening your hotel room door and getting a glimpse of “home” for the next few days never gets old. The squeal of the kids only amplifies the experience, as it’s mere seconds before they’re bouncing from bed to bed, calling out sleeping quarters and planning special sleepovers with Mom and Dad.

Not So Little Legs

boy-and-girl-at-base-of-sun-peaksIt wasn’t that long ago when our days on the slopes meant running up and down the bunny hill. Now, we’re racing to the map looking for blue lines to ride all the way down the mountain. I get such a smile watching my kids grow up on the mountain, seeing them push the limit each season, going faster and getting stronger with every run. It won’t be long before I’m the one trying to keep up with them!

Mom On The Run

After dropping the kids off for lunch, I’m able to sneak out for a few solo runs, where I quickly find some amazing powder to play in. The lush snow makes it easy to push myself, grinning ear to ear as I make my way down the run (even with the sore calves)! It’s these moments, on the edge of my comfort zone and doing something I truly love, that makes me feel alive.

The Snuggles After Snowboarding

Sore legs and cold bums…there’s nothing like cuddling into a warm and cozy bed with your littles after a day out on the hill. They are still little enough to cuddle in and cozy up for a show, and so I’ll soak in every second!

Moonlight Madness

Imagine lining up, shoulder-to-shoulder, on an open field covered in a blanket of snow. The instructor yells “Go” and the whole family is off, “racing” through the snow! We quickly find ourselves landing on our faces, or each other, laughing hard each time we do. This laughter only grows harder when we hear the triumph of Dad claiming his victory –  while trying to catch his breath, of course!

Catching Snowflakes In The Hot Tub

hot-tub-at-sun-peaksThe steam from the hot water rises up meeting the snowflakes as they fall from the sky. In the space between, our family lies still, looking up at the sky as dollar size flakes fall. Each one of us trying to catch our own flake on our tongue, feeling triumphant when we do!

Where Mountain Time Meets Family Time

Sun Peaks has a saying…”Where Mountain Time meets Family Time.” And this couldn’t be truer. The resort village has everything you need to create a magical family experience. All you need to do is take the time to book a trip and then soak in all the memories as they unfold.

Book Your Own Magical Trip

To learn more about Sun Peaks and all of the resort amenities check out this article!

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Is this a sponsored post?: Yes, while our trip was graciously provided to us, our thoughts and experiences are our own.

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