Soaring High Above the Jungles of Kauai

“Is this your first time zip-lining?”, the guide asked my 8-year-old with anticipation. I could tell from the way he posed the question that he was expecting her to say “Yes” and maybe would even have a nervous “flyer” to deal with on the tour. “I think this is my third time”, she said with [...]

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Magical Moments at the Hanalei Colony Resort

Imagine a family resort filled with awe and wonder beyond expectation. Where upon entrance you’re greeted by every staff member, who was anticipating your arrival and knew you by name. Where you crack open the door to your room and are welcomed into an oasis filled with incredible views and the salty smell of the [...]

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Ultimate Hawaiian Eco Tour – Kauai Tubing

It was about a year ago that my followers saw a YouTube video adventure and my Facebook notifications went through the roof. I can’t tell you how many times that I was tagged and everyone said, “You HAVE to do this!” So when I was invited by Kauai Backcountry Adventures to actually check it out, [...]

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Kauai ATV Tour – Where Eco Tourism and Adventure Collide!

“What are the orange scarves for?”, my children quickly asked the guides. “Well kids, we’re about to get very dirty!" And with that, they let out a squeal and jumped into our four-seater ATV. We had done all the research and heard nothing but good things about Kauai ATV tours and now was our chance [...]

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Koloa Landing Resort – Best Family Hotel in Kauai

When you ask my kids about how their trip to Kauai was, the FIRST thing they will tell you about was the stay at the Koloa Landing Resort. Koloa Landing Resort is located in Poipu Beach, in South Kauai. A 20 minute drive from the airport brings you to a 25 acre property, that has [...]

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Top Ten Reasons why the Marina Inn is a great place for families to stay

We were welcomed into Anacortes on a dark and rainy night but once we found our hotel we were excited to sneak inside and cuddle into our room. The Marina Inn was a pleasant surprise as rooms were updated with deluxe accommodations that were perfect for our young family. Here’s the top then things we [...]

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Every store has a story in Anacortes

Every Store has a Story When you take a stroll through historic downtown Anacortes you are surrounded by a unique combination of old and new that only Anacortes can offer. This popular seaside small town boasts a variety of old historic shops that have been in the community for over 100 years. While you can [...]

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The Most Creative Christmas Tree Ever!

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the town’s Christmas Tree lighting and we’re thrilled to learn that their “tree” was actually a collection of stacked up prawn traps, garland, and nautical-themed décor. What a perfectly splendid way to represent the community and the industries that supports it. The Christmas tree had extra special [...]

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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

This past weekend we decided to take the trek down to Skagit Valley to check out the Tulip Festival. I never knew looking at a bunch of flowers could be so exciting! The festival itself runs for a month and is what the organizers consider a “driving festival” meaning there are a TON of farms [...]

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Water Fall jumping

If there’s water around, chances are you’ll find me in it. I’m a water baby by design, and think that most problems in life can be solved if water is involved. I have always loved the ocean. Perhaps I was a mermaid in a previous life.When I found out about the waterfalls at Whatcom Lake [...]

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