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I’m a Family Travel Writer based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC. Our family adventures take take us all over BC, Alberta and the Pacific Northwest. You'll regularly see us hiking, biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and camping our way around the province. Our passion is recreation and our mission is to explore and protect this beautiful earth of ours.
Living life to the fullest, one adventure at a time!

Time. “So Much Time”

10 years from now I’ll be standing at my front door, watching them roll down the driveway, heading off on an adventure of their own. University? Trade school? Perhaps a backpacking trip? I’ll wave with anticipation, tears strolling as I send them off with every well wish that a mother could have. I’ll turn back [...]

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9 Tips for What to Do with Travel Photos

Have you ever had to sit through a holiday slide show? Many of you might be too young to remember, but there was once a time where the only way friends and family could share memories of their travels was to turn their film into slides and project them onto a screen, often accompanying [...]

Face to Face with Barack Obama

The excitement in the room was palpable, so thick it was as though you could reach out and grab it with your hands. Sitting in the front row I could feel a wave of passion, expectation, anticipation, respect and love coming from the thousands of people standing behind me. The energy surged around me, [...]

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Our Ultimate Canadian Winter Road Trip

Hands up if you find yourself looking for ways to escape winter. I often find people use their vacation days to seek refuge from the cold, snowy season. But what if instead of running from it, we embraced it—even just one time.  That’s what we wanted to do. We wanted to immerse ourselves in [...]

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Experience Joie De Vivre at Carnaval de Quebec

“Mom, look!” I followed my daughter’s outstretched hand to see she was pointing at the icy peaks of Bonhomme’s frozen castle. Our pace quickened as we knew we were close to this piece of Quebec’s history, only known to us through the lessons my daughter was taught at school. Our Ultimate Canadian Winter Road [...]

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Step Into The Magic at Hôtel de Glace

Step into a different world. A place of imagination, whimsy and creativity. Where artistry meets architecture and challenges generally accepted ideas of indoor and outdoor living. A place that blurs together fantasy and reality to prove that life doesn’t have to be so serious. Escape to something new at Hôtel de Glace, the Ice [...]

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From Instagram to Action – Making Online Dreams an Offline Reality at Skating Through the Forest Quebec

We’ve all seen the photos. The ones on social media of amazing destinations that have you wishing on stars and birthday candles to one day see them for yourself. As we started our adventure at Skating Through the Forest Quebec, with the sun bright in the clear blue sky, casting shadows over the ice [...]

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Snow Tubing Montreal – For The Children and Your Inner Child

Dear British Columbia, You know how much I love you. You are the backdrop to many of our adventures. From your mountains to your beaches, you let us play within your natural beauty all through the year. You are first-class. But I’ve discovered something you are missing—a type of thrill-seeking, family fun, winter wonderland [...]

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The Soundtrack to a Canadian Winter at Chalets Lanaudière

I felt on top of the world as I stood at the peak of a snowy hill within the Chalets Lanaudière resort. Somewhere in the distance hockey sticks and pucks scraped across a frozen pond as skates cut through the top layers of the solid ice. Kids cheered as their team scored a goal. [...]

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Le Baluchon Éco Villégiature – Québec’s Beautiful, Eco-Driven Resort

“If we take nature for our guide, we shall never go astray.” -Cicero It can only be described as experiencing the future while travelling to the past… At least that’s how it felt the second we arrived at Le Baluchon Éco Villégiature, Québec’s premier eco-tourism resort. Nestled on 1,000 pristine Canadian acres tucked directly [...]

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