Experience Joie De Vivre at Carnaval de Quebec

“Mom, look!” I followed my daughter’s outstretched hand to see she was pointing at the icy peaks of Bonhomme’s frozen castle. Our pace quickened as we knew we were close to this piece of Quebec’s history, only known to us through the lessons my daughter was taught at school. Our Ultimate Canadian Winter Road [...]

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Celebrate, Play and Catch a Wave at Laval Indoor Surfing

“Let’s go surfing now. Everybody’s learning how. Come on and safari with me. Da na na na na na na” We danced our way into Maeva Surf  to the sounds of my daughter and I belting out all of the surfing songs we could think of. While we have been lucky enough to try [...]

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Indoor Skydiving Montreal – All the Thrill Without Jumping Out of a Plane

The four of us sat around the dinner table all talking at once. We left Sky Venture—our indoor skydiving Montreal experience—hours before, but the adrenaline was still surging through our veins. As we all attempted to share our excitement at the same time, each one of us still buzzing with the thrill of flying, [...]

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Ice Fishing Laval: A Day of Frozen Fun

When you’re on holiday and someone asks you to get up at 7am to go spend your day sitting on a frozen sheet of ice waiting for a walleye to nibble on your bait, what’s your first reaction? For many of you, I imagine it’s “thanks, but no thanks!” However, as the mom of [...]

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Canadian Wildlife Encounters at Parc Omega Winter

“Thank you so much for bringing me here. This place is absolutely amazing!” It was one of those moments a mom could never forget. That fact that several hours into our trip, my son would take time out of his little life to pull me aside and thank me was truly something special. And [...]

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