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Summers are some of the most sacred months of our lives. Warm air, cool lakes, and lots of laughs with family and friends. When my children were born I realized I only had 700 days of Summer with them and have since crafted my life and my career around making the most out of every single day of summer with them.

With the countdown to Summer officially on, my daughter put together her top 50 things that she wants to do this summer.

How many of these are on your Summer bucket list?

Summer bucket list with drawings

  1. Find the Perfect Pool
  2. Find the Perfect Shade of Watermelon Nail Polish
  3. Plant a Garden
  4. Get a Home Run
  5. BBQ
  6. Jump Off a Dock
  7. Collect Shells
  8. Get Lemonade
  9. Go Backpacking
  10. Eat Lots of Popsicles
  11. Have Sleepovers
  12. Plant Lots of Trees
  13. Go Stand Up Paddleboarding
  14. Go on a Road Trip!
  15. Party all Night
  16. Go Ziplining
  17. Drive a Boat
  18. Get a Tan
  19. Check Out the New Light Walk in Whistler
  20. Make Tie Dye Shirts
  21. Visit a Farm
  22. Go to a Waterpark
  23. Get a Pen Pal
  24. Learn to Cartwheel
  25. Read on a Rainy Day
  26. Bake Cookies
  27. Eat Cookies
  28. Get a Sprinkler
  29. Use Chalk
  30. Learn How to Surf
  31. Dream Big
  32. Sleep In
  33. Paint Jellyfish
  34. Go Water Skiing
  35. Name your Plants
  36. Go Hiking… a LOT!
  37. Walk Along the Shore
  38. Lay Underneath the Stars
  39. Have a Water Fight
  40. Roast Marshmallows
  41. Go to a Drive in Movie Theatre
  42. Make a Craft out of Nature Objects
  43. Light Sparklers
  44. Go Berry Picking
  45. Paint Rocks
  46. Go on a Biking Adventure for the Day
  47. Go to a Farmers Market
  48. Visit Friends
  49. Play a Huge Game of Hide and Seek
  50. Live with the Motto #YOLO

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Is this a sponsored post?: No! We love to be able to inspire families with ideas on what they can do during summer vacation and thus we are sharing our summer bucket list with our followers!

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