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Saying Yes to Adventure When It Is Much Easier to Say No

The e-mail showed up at the very end of May. Our family had an opportunity, three weeks later, to go to Tofino for two days and try surfing. It was the kind of all-expenses-paid-everything-planned-out-for-you invitation we could not refuse—but we almost did. Why? Well June is a busy month to take the kids out [...]

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7 Tips for an Agenda Free Vacation

[vc_row]Have you ever arrived home from a busy vacation, plunked down the luggage and thought, “I need a vacation!”? If so, you are not alone. After all, it makes sense to fit as much fun as possible into limited vacation time. Jam-packed vacations can be fun, but they are often far from restful. A little [...]

Truth Bomb Thursday: How Do I Pay for Travel?

[vc_row]While my Instagram feed may be filled with beautiful images of iconic destinations, one may think that I’m a full-time Travel Writer living the life of luxury. However, while I do travel about 16 weeks a year, I also work full time, PLUS, I'm often juggling many balls in the air trying to balance it [...]

Lensball – Gaze into the Future of Photography

Perhaps you have recently seen a photograph in an article or on Instagram with a unique ball effect, like this epic surf shot I snapped during my recent stay at Long Beach Lodge. Within the image, a small, 180-degree view of the overall scene shows up inside of a sphere, giving a reflective quality to [...]

Getting Started Hiking: A Guide for Families

[vc_row]What comes to mind when you think of hiking? Silhouetted figures, traversing a Himalayan ridge with backpacks nearly as large as themselves? The truth is, for most of us, hiking is a little less Everest expedition and a little more walk in the Hundred Acre Wood (hello Pooh and Tigger!). Hiking has so much to [...]

The Peanuts Vs. Measles Debate

Canada has a case of the measles. If you’ve turned on the TV, opened a newspaper, or scanned through the radio at any point over the last few months, chances are you were hit with measles talk. “Measles Hysteria” some have called it. Report after report of schools asking kids to stay home, talk about [...]

Why I Won’t Give Up Everything to Travel

[vc_row]I recently posted the question, “Would you save up, take a year off and give up everything to travel the world with your kids?” And the outstanding response was “yes!” When posed with the exact same question myself, I know that my own answer has changed over time, but if I was given the opportunity [...]

Top 10 Women that Inspired Me in 2018!

[vc_row]“You need to associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better. Don’t waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important.” ~Joel Osteen 2018 was a year where I was surrounded and inspired by truly incredible [...]

From Adventure Race to Amazing Race!

[vc_row]The anticipation was rising as my daughter kept poking her head up and down in the restaurant booth, as she kept looking towards the entrance, waiting for the familiar face. We had been sitting down waiting for all of three minutes but I had heard, “How much longer until she gets here?” about 59 times. [...]

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Turning the Tables on “Dads and their Toys”

[vc_row]Does your husband have a garage full of toys and a regular golf date with friends? Has he begged you to buy that must have (dirt bike, boat, snowmobile) and gets to go out for weekends with his buddies? Do you sometimes resent him? The family money, the time away from the kids, the undone [...]

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