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Every child deserves to connect with nature. Adventure Awaits is the leader in bringing you legendary adventures, focusing on destinations, ecotours, and experiences that create meaningful connections with Mother Nature. Ecotourism and Adventure travel provides meaningful physical and educational opportunities to connect with our environment, but we can’t do it alone.
Therefore we only showcase partners who:

  • Founded in Sustainability
  • Family Friendly
  • High Quality Experiences
  • Good Value for Investment
  • Are Accredited
  • Execute Best Safety Standards
  • Give Back
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Cost and Fuel-Efficient Getaway Ideas

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Jami Savage

I’m Jami, lifelong adventurer, Mom, writer, environmental advocate and unrelenting optimist dedicated to helping you have an adventure filled life.

Travel Media Association of Canada

Millions of people call themselves travel “experts”, but only a handful of travel media worldwide can truly be called trusted sources.

What others are saying

From the very beginning, collaborating with Jami was easy and painless – she is organized, efficient and takes the time to learn everything she can about a destination/tour operator before her strategizing even begins. She was a welcome guest on our Churchill tour and one of the most enthusiastic and pleasant media guests I’ve had the opportunity to travel with and work with. I’d happily host her again in the future.

Brandi Hayberg
Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Frontiers North Adventures

WOW, not surprisingly you way over-delivered once again! Thank you SO much for all of your hard work, attention to detail, and of course for bringing your itinerary and experiences to life through your writing. I truly want to stop what I’m doing and join Sam for a hike ASAP – what an incredible representation of the experience. I can’t wait to share your work with everyone, especially the smaller businesses who really have not had much opportunity to work with media since beginning operations! Your special attention to those smaller entrepreneurs, including them in both your roundup and dedicated stories, is a huge win for them all.

John Doherty
Media & Communications, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

Jami is a true professional. Her passion for our destination shone through in her engaging, detailed content that delivered results. It was a pleasure to host Jami and her son in Winnipeg.
Have a great weekend!

Gillian Chester
Communications & Travel Media Manager, Tourism Winnipeg

Jami, I speak for myself and the entire team that we are blown away by the amazing articles and photos you provided from your stay! Our owner Tim Hackett was especially pleased. Thank you so much for the handwritten notes – that was so special!
I look forward to working together more in the future Jami!!

Sam McCullough
Public Relations & Sales Manager, Long Beach Lodge Resort

I would like to thank you for your amazing articles and photographs you provided for your Long Beach Lodge Resort story. I can say unequivocally that your work is the best ever concerning the lodge. It blew me away, wow. You obviously worked very hard and I greatly appreciate your efforts. I hope that you and your family can visit us again, in the future as our guests.
Thank you and best wishes.

Tim Hackett
Owner Long Beach Lodge Resort

PS – A key metric that we report on as a team is our monthly media quality score. We have a third party score any articles/content pieces that we have directly impacted on a scale of 1-10, with our yearly average currently at 8.1/10. Thanks to your hard work and the high-quality of your stories, our August 2021 media quality score reached 9.8/10! Each of your stories scored 10/10. This is a huge win, and we can’t thank you enough!

John Doherty
Coordinator, Media & Communications, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism