Every once in awhile you experience an excursion so special that your 8 year old takes over your blog so that she can tell the world all about her experience with Top Notch Charters in PEI.

Our adventure was one of those times. This Eco lobster fishing tour was truly one of the most family-friendly excursions we’ve ever done, and my kids are still raving about it and sharing all of the things they have learned, long after our return!

Top Notch Fishing Charters is a real fishing boat based out of the Charlottetown harbour. During the months of May and June the boat will be working 6 days a week, fishing for lobster and making up 70% of their annual income in just 8 weeks. In order to extend the use of their boat and their work they offer eco-tours in July and August, and then tuna fishing in September. We were fortunate enough to meet Captain Mark and his first mate Cody who took us out for a morning of pulling traps and getting hands on with PEI’s locals! Check out my daughter’s highlights from our trip (after all, she’s Top Notch’s biggest fan!).

Everyone is “like” so nice!

Boy driving lobster boat with Top Notch Charters

“Captain Mark was so nice, like the nicest Captain ever. He let us walk around on the boat and had lots of things for us to touch, see, and do. He even let us DRIVE the boat!”

Did You Know???

Top Notch Charters boat captain holding up a map

“Captain Mark taught us so many things! Did you know that…

  1. Lobsters have two different claws, a scissor claw and a crusher claw. If you look closely you’ll see they are both designed differently and have different functions!
  2. If a crab gets caught by a predator it can drop its claw and escape! They will regrow that claw over time!
  3. Lobsters lose their shells as they grow and make new shells… and they eat their old shells… eugh!”

Can I hold the lobster?

Girl pulling up lobster trap with Top Notch Charters

“Mom, make sure you get a picture of me holding the lobster, driving the boat, pulling up the trap” (I had my camera out for the whole trip as there were so many things for the kids to do that had to be captured)

Special Surprise

Large black lobster on Top Notch Charters boat

“I wonder what the special surprise is that Captain Mark hid for us in the next trap?” The kids were eager and making guesses. A starfish? A flounder? Another lobster? Nope… it was a huge black lobster! Mark had never seen a black lobster before and his parents had caught this one only a few weeks ago.

The Lobster We’ll Never Forget!

Jami Savage posing with nine pound lobster on the Top Notch Charters boat

“Larry was a nine pound lobster that weighed over 9 pounds. His crusher claw was bigger than my Mom’s hands”.

What was the best part about your trip?

Jami Savages hand beside the giant lobster claw

When we’re asked what was the best part about our 16 day trip across the Maritimes the kids consistently recall this experience, telling everyone about meeting Larry and how his crusher claw could break a toddler’s arm!

Thank You!


A special thank you to Top Notch Charters for what was truly an incredible, hands on, family friendly Eco tour! We certainly will never forget the day we met Larry!

If you go:

  • Dress for the weather, layers are always good!
  • Be prepared to be hands on. Parents, lead by example and showcase kindness and interest in holding the sea creatures!
  • Bring a snack or money for some on board treats.
  • Book lunch or dinner on the boat… featuring fresh lobster!